How do you floss without making your gums bleed too badly? I can’t seem to do it right haha.

Maddison J.
I am gentle when I floss. Not sure if this is helpful or even good to do but I rinse my mouth with a mixture of water and peroxide (more water than peroxide) before I floss. Then I use mouthwash.
Anna S.
Floss more often. It’s tempting to give your gums a break for a few days when they bleed, but this is the opposite of what you do. Think of it like building up callouses on your gums. They need to be exposed to the floss repeatedly in order to stop bleeding.

You can also try brushing your gumline as you brush your teeth. That’s also helpful

Meinhard Z.
Just go gently at first. It happens to me whenever I forget to floss for a while. Soon your gums will be much healthier and won't bleed. Use that as a goal to motivate you! Having good gums feels great!
Bernard Z.
Make sure you're flossing gently. If your too forceful, you damage your gums. I would recommend watching a YouTube video on how to properly floss.
Also, after about 1-2 weeks, the bleeding is supposed to go away. (That's what I've heard on the internet. )
Taylor J.
Most of my teeth are quite wide apart, so that's easy for me 😁 Where they are more close, I try to pull slowly, especially the last part. I mean, when you've passed the spot where the teeth are touching each other and it's getting wider. Also, I think, flossing often makes that my gums are quite used to it, so they don't bleed that easily.
Malone O.
The more you do it, the less you’ll bleed. The important thing to remember is that it’s more about getting up toward the root of each tooth, and less about jamming the string into the gums. Good luck!
Gauthier Y.
Neither do I. You’re not alone. 😂 I find that if I focus on getting the floss in between my teeth rather than focusing on getting to the gums I don’t hurt myself that much.
Laura W.
if your gums bleed when you floss, it’s likely you have some sort of gum issue as opposed to you incorrectly flossing. gums will bleed if there is any gingivitis or low level infection. it’s probably a good idea to see a hygienist & get them to have a look over the condition of your gums & then they can watch you floss & give you advice on how to improve if you need any such advice.
Lana T.
If your gums are still bleeding after effective and regular flossing for more than around 10 days, you should contact probably your dentist and have them give their expert opinion.