What is the perfect method for flossing?

Jimmy Z.
I personally like to start at the back molars and work my way forward. Remember to floss between your last molar and gum tissue in the way back. Bacteria hides in every crevice!! Keep being awesome!
Dion Sia Q.
The better way is the one your dentist taught you. The only thing I can say is that you don’t need to push it too hard. Be gentle.
Jeanne F.
I think doing it in front a mirror helps a lot, so you’re able to see where the floss should correctly be going in-between
Katie P.
My method is not environmentally friendly, but the plastic flosser tools make it much easier and less laborious. Sometimes I even take it to bed and lay in bed and floss because the bathroom is boring!
Curt U.
I would certainly check in with a dental professional (as I am not one) but I make sure to hug each side of each tooth a little under the gumline to get all plaque in every crevice.
Polina T.
I don’t know but I use dental floss but I have to be careful not to damage gums. I have waxed dental floss but I don’t think that it is better than ordinary. I use interdental brush too.
Julie W.
Roll the floss on your index fingers and clean the gaps between your teeth like an arch – from down left to down right.
Abel O.
I am not sure about perfect method, I know you're not supposed to use those toothpick looking flossers, and regular flossing is standard. I would check YouTube for an instructional video. What I do know is that my problem was just plain getting myself to do it at all. If you have that issue, I suggest flossing before you brush your teeth. Cheers!
Abigail J.
I like to keep floss picks in my car so I can do it while I am driving. That way there is no excuse for me to not do it or to try to say that I am too busy.
Shawn T.
For me, you start on your dominant side, all the way on the top back. Go from that top back tooth all the way around, getting in-between each tooth as you go. Once that's completed, repeat, only on the bottom back tooth and working your way around. It takes practice and you might have bleeding gums for a little bit if you're first starting out, but keep at it: healthy gums help you have a healthier life.
Tommy P.
The perfect method for flossing is investing in the picks with the floss already attached…once you get the habit down maybe you can go for the cheaper cartridge of string. You have to make it easy for it to stick at first.
Severo Q.
I don't know if there's a perfect method, but I usually start in the back bottom corner, work my way around, then repeat with the top row off my teeth. I think the trick is consistency and thoroughness. I also prefer to floss before brushing, since I feel like my mouth gets cleaner that way.
Nanna X.
The perfect method for flossing is beginning with a long strand of floss, about 2 feet long, oneself starts flossing between the back top molars. You work your way forward making sure to use a clean section of floss. While flossing between the teeth a good guide to follow is the tooth edge.
Glen F.
I use the disposable flossers and keep them in a convenient spot nearby where I know I’ll be around 9pm, which is my chosen flossing time. I have found that the one act of flossing also leads to me brushing my teeth right after and also not eating any more that evening.
Danielle Z.
I use the the tool looking ones. They are a nice blue-green color. When you first start, if its been a while, be gentle and slow. Let your gums get used to it or you’ll hurt. I start and the from middle and move back then I do the bottom row. Maybe go in twice if you’ve had a lot of meats and stringy vegetables that day.
Reza O.
Use string instead of to-go ones, wrap around index fingers, start in back and work way to front between each tooth gently taking time around gums