How can you help your partner floss more?

Isabelle N.
Diacuss with them first on the importance on flossing, how only brushing teeth is not doing enough. That the space in between teeth should be cleaned as well. Then tell them to show them sometimes how to do it, and do it with them. Accompany them at first and then tell them to do it more often, that it will keep their teeth in good health. Teeth is very important.
Amalie A.
By flossing yourself you influence them also to floss. This works mostly when your morning routine happens at the same time as your partner. It works in reverse as well, when I started doing my morning routine with my partner, I stopped some of my good habits because they didn't do them and I didn't want to be in the bathroom alone. But I noticed that they don't to be out of the bathroom alone and will stay and floss with me if I stay. Whoever is the most confident in their habits will lead the habits of the partnership.
Mb S.
Show them the statistics on mouth plaque and heart plaque… and if they have had a heart flutter it will scare the mess out of them…. also if they have any breath issues flossing will help!
Sigrun Y.
Let them see you doing it consistently, and maybe have some of the easy-to-use flossers in the house. Maybe they'll be more inclined if they see you doing it and if it seems like less of a hassle.
Latoya W.
I used to try to get my partner to help me which I had hope will influence him. After a few different approaches I finally got it. After dinner one night he needed toothpick and ta-da we only had flossers. He used the pick part and eventually used the flosser. So after every meal now we all grab flossers. Hope this works for you.
John N.
Buy the more expensive kind. Cheap floss hurts and will discourage use.

Keep the floss out on your sink next to your toothbrush.

Make sure that you're using a long enough piece of floss since a short piece of floss is frustrating to use. I typically use a strand that measures from my fingertips to my elbow.

Hanna F.
What helped for me is to be educated about the health effects it can have when you neglect your dental hygiene. The main risk that stroke me was the significant increase of the chance of a heart attack, you wouldn't take care of your house like that, so why would you take care of your teeth like that?
Eileen Z.
I will be honest… I do not worry about my partners habits they are their own person. I am hoping that by me creating this healthy life for myself they will follow along, but I do not expect them to. I would love to say that my partner is on this journey with me, but they are not and I am okay with it.
Now, if I did want my partner to work on a habit with me. I would be aware of their schedule. I would invite them, for example to floss, when I knew that they do not have any other distractions or set a time with them where both can do it together.
I hope this helps.
At the end of the day make yourself a better person and if they follow great and if they don't, you keep doing it and hopefully they will see the benefits of the habit.