How do you know that you’ve flossed long enough?

Meghan T.
It’s not the time that matters it’s how well u floss your teeth. Be sure to get all the way to the bottom of your gum and maybe go over it twice. Try to swoosh some water to get rid of the food. Flossing shouldn’t be stressful in anyway so don’t worry about time just floss your teeth so that they are clean and you can show off those pearly whites!
Ixchel F.
I know I’ve flossed long enough when I’ve gone through every single crevice at least twice around. It should be easy to go through the teeth once you’re done and you should get a new piece and do it one more time! You’ll feel the clean.
Joshua O.
Floss all your teeth till the flossing stripe is clean 🙂 you will also seen an improvement in the general feeling of your mouth in the next couple of days!
Franklin J.
My dental hygienist told me to feel for bumps (tartar) with the floss. If I feel bumps,I try to get to it and get it out of there. Otherwise, I just try to remove gunk.
Lesi N.
Today when I flossed my gums did not bleed! And then when I brushed and spit (TMI) no blood either. I am very pleased and I sure my dentist will be too lol
Karen Y.
Just be sure to floss every single tooth especially the ones at the back. Take your time and don't rush, believe or not you are pampering yourself. My mother is 85 and has all her own teeth so she can still eat and enjoy all her favourite foods
Cecilia S.
With flossing you should go between the teeth then run the floss towards your gums along the side of one tooth until there is a slight resistance from the gums then between the same teeth repeat along the tooth next to the one you just hit. Once the floss has gone along both sides of every tooth you’re done!
Amber Z.
I don't think it matters. Just try to do it once a day, immediately after brushing. Don't use mouthwash after brushing, as you want to let the toothpaste help to remineralise your teeth. Just spit out as much toothpaste as you can and pass the floos between each tooth to take some of the toothpaste between the teeth. Do this once a day.
Laura N.
Did you go once between each Gap? Yes… Done. Can you see/feel any particular left? No… Done. It isn't really a timed thing
Rebecca N.
Me personally, I always use the same rule as for brushing, two minutes. I want to take the time to know I’m getting by and inbetween all my teeth, but I don’t want to make my gums bleed either.
Brunhild X.
Hi. I think that it doesn't depend on time for me but on intuition based on the goal I set when I floss which is: to keep my teeth hygiene at its best. That being said, for me this question and process is very personal. I just floss, usually always after brushing my teeth, in all the in between spaces of my teeth that my toothbrush can't reach. I try to make sure that everything is rid of food residue (sometimes I double or triple floss on the areas that I previously flossed just to make sure) and that for me sums up my floss time. I end up feeling good, refreshed, safe and renewed. Teeth hygiene is so important but they don't teach us this enough, socially wise.