Why do you forego flossing and how can you change that?

Ludwig O.
If I knew, I would hope that I could keep it up. Despite dentist and hygienist telling me it is super important. I struggle to make it a consistent habit. I am working on it. Maybe because I can’t see the direct benefit?
Curtis C.
I will admit it, that yes I do skip flossing my teeth from time to time& sadly the same goes for brushing is simply, that alot of the time Iam not feeling well enough to make myself do these tasks. When you have alot of chronic pain all over my body, plus being exhausted as I am alot of the time, it just isn't worth doing. But I have been pushing myself to do these simple tasks, so that I can return to brushing& flossing twice a day, as I had once done. Iam trying my hardest to save my teeth& trying to get my 5yr old daughter to take better care of hers too, but she's very hard headed (stubborn)& that by doing it together, we'll be better. So far no luck yet, she still fights myself& my mother(her grandma). Simply put, Iam a single mother who is raising her alone, but with help from my parents& it's hard since I help take care of my aging parents who both have alot of health problems, plus I also have some of the same health issues as them, making our lives not so easy to live. I just wish that I could find a better practioner&rhuematologist&any other drs to help myself& the rest of my family to completely live our best lives to the fullest, without suffering in the long run. Sorry this was so very long! ☺
Salustiniano Q.
I use an battery operated tooth brush and a water pic no dental floss because of caps crowns bonding veneers all would become loose from pressure and pulling the floss around teeth not good!!!😱
Andrea W.
I have roommates so I keep my floss in my room and forget to take it to the restroom when I brush my teeth at night. I could change it by having a small bag I take to the restroom but I would have to buy something that protects the bristles of my toothbrush and allows it to dry.
Matthew P.
I struggle with flossing because my gums still give me a little ache when I do. It’s become less and less. However it has become better than it has through following through with it more.

Also I run into time factors at night that play a part for bedtime. Part of me doesn’t want to eat anything after however with taking medications I need to have a small snack. So it gets delayed but I’d like to find a way to resolve this.

Ida U.
I don’t anymore! Once it’s a habit, it’s hard to break. Just tie it to a trigger like brushing your teeth or getting home from work.
Ana Lle T.
I think people may forego flossing because it's not convenient or it may be awkward. I think floss sticks makes it much easier to floss. Keeping floss sticks with your toothbrush in your purse or at work may encourage flossing as may making it part of your brushing routine.
Alexandre Z.
Most of the times is because I’m tired or because I just forget. I forget because the floss is in a drawer. Out of sight out of mind
Jeanette F.
I forgo flossing veneers placed from accident I had when I was a teen. They cannot be flossed. I do however, floss the remaining teeth that I didn’t knock out in the fall.
Jonas N.
I’ve made it easier to do routinely by keeping the floss on the counter top beside my toothbrush and toothpaste. I remind myself of the advice from my dental hygienist about full mouth cleaning. I try to go to bed earlier too so I’m not so tired that I just collapse into bed.