Is water flossing just as beneficial as normal flossing?

Roberto C.
They both have advantages. While Water flossing can rinse away access plaque while flossing. Water cant get fully into your gums.

I usually floss and brush in thr shower. I have a nice shower filter so I use that to jet stream into my mouth with a small floss pick to be very thorough.

This has been transformative for my day. More then brushing teeth.

Brent P.
Not really, but way better than no flossing! You could also try the interdental brush cleaners, but make sure that you buy a good brand because it does make a difference in how durable they are.
Austin Y.
I have no idea – I just use normal flossing as I don’t have a water flosser. It works fine, although I do rinse with mouth wash afterwards.