Do you prefer to use floss string, floss picks or another type of floss?

Andr A E.
I used to always use string but I found the pick seems easier and faster. I just have to be more careful to not push straight down and hit my gum. I try to angle left or right so the string glides along the tooth.

Mads Y.
Floss String big the good Oral B Glide Pro which is more flat than round. I also follow Roth my water pick and an antibacterial rinse to finish. It becomes addictive!

Delfino O.
Floss string simply because it works better for me. It’s ok if is not for everyone, because everyone is different. My answer to this question doesn’t matter that much, even if most like floss string, because it’s not like everyone will like floss string.

Harold C.
I prefer flossing picks cause the string type hurts my fingers and use to make me dread flossing. So the picks make me actually look forward to flossing.

Jose Y.
I use all different types of floss— both string and picks. I also keep the string type with the plastic handles in my cabinet so that I can grab them easily and floss whenever I’m feeling lazy.

Louanne E.
I prefer to use a water flosser because they’re more environmentally friendly, but I’m not sure yet if they’re as effective as traditional floss; I’ll just have to ask my dentist during my next cleaning.

Soline Y.
I prefer the floss picks. According to my dentist they’re not as good as floss string. My thinking is I’m more likely to floss consistently, as I have been, using the picks. Maybe I’m lazy but I’m flossing.

Phillip O.
I prefer a refillable floss “wand” by Reach. It has a long handle – same as a toothbrush – so you can reach it to the molars way back and do a thorough job there. ☺️

Clyde U.
I prefer floss string. I don’t think the picks are adequate enough. I tried a coconut charcoal floss and it was terrible.

Eline Z.
Just string, to keep it simple. And for the environment (least amount of material and plastic in string compared to a big oily plastic pick!)

Sasha T.
I prefer floss picks. I hate flossing, so the most hassle free method works best for me. I keep ghe package by the sink to ensure I remember to put it in my nightly routine.

Simon C.
Technically, I use floss string, but I use it on a flossed device that holds the piece of floss taught for me. Essentially, it allows the floss function like a disposable floss pick with less that is actually thrown away. I particularly like that I can use whatever my preferred floss is with it, not just whatever is strung up on the disposable floss picks.

Bruce F.
I use floss string, but care about turtles so buy a compostable/biodegradable version in the local health food shop! Not sure the dentist would approve but my conscious does!

Arron C.
String floss tends t be my to-go to, since it’s the only kind in the house. But it’s better this way. It allows more flexibility in getting all the cracks and areas, is inexpensive, and better for the environment. Floss picks just add to the waste epidemic, and is not practical for long term useage. At least make a pick you don’t throw away every night.