Do you guys wash the string for each teeth you floss or?

Max O.
Sometimes! Sometimes there isn’t enough gunk on the string. Sometimes I just use my tongue to clear it or pull it off with my fingers (washing my hands afterward).
Emily C.
When I use the individual floss picks I sometimes leave the water dripping so I can wipe/rinse a few times. If I use a long transitional floss string, I just move around to a clean spot as needed.
Tom F.
Honestly, it depends. Obviously if there’s a lot going on on the string than yes, but if not I’ll wash it every couple of teeth.
Giulia T.
When I used to use a floss string, I never washed it after every tooth. That's probably because I would brush my teeth right after.
Now however, I use a water pik instead to floss my teeth!
Antonin Y.
Typically, a 1.5 ft string will get everything. Wrap each end around your two index fingers when you break the string off the pack & then up-wrap after each tooth. -Dental Hygienist