Floss picks or traditional floss?

Roxane Z.
I like the floss pick. I never was able to acquire the technique of a wrapping around my fingers, sticking them in my mouth and gagging myself 😝 but I have a very sensitive gag reflex. I also like that I can put small floss pics in strategic places, like my vehicle, my wallet or purse, so if something gets stuck I always have one available.
Also using a floss pick is socially acceptable when driving down the road however sticking your fingers in your mouth in public is not. 😉
Happy flossing.🦷
Micheal Z.
I prefer traditional because I can choose how long I make my string. I also like it because it has more variety in terms of flavors, thickness, etc.
Sinor Q.
Threaded floss, as I get older the realization that dental hygiene is even more important. Flossing reduces the visits for cavities. Hope that answers your question.
Martin C.
Regular floss is cheaper and also seems less wasteful. I also don’t like using the same bit of floss over and over, which you have to do with the pick. With regular floss, when a chunk of food comes out, I just move to the next section of floss. I still only need 1.5-2 feet of floss.
Marie Y.
Floss picks for me, I've never been able to get a good grip on regular floss so I'd rather use the picks and floss than just not bother flossing at all