How to I get in to the habit of flossing again?

Mary E.
there isn’t much to it, but i’d say just start flossing and it’ll soon become a part of your daily routine! if you ever forget or think you won’t remember, set a reminder on your phone!
Sherry Z.
Try to find a floss that isn’t hard to get between your teeth (I recommend Glide Pro Health Clinical Protection). Do it every night immediately after brushing. It’s honestly satisfying and also disgusting how much gunk comes out after you fully brushed.
Max E.
I was in the dentist's office and heard her speaking to the patient next to me. They were extracting 5 of her teeth. I committed to flossing at least once every day after that. I was going to buy the little flossers but kept forgetting so just used the regular floss I had at home. I stopped giving myself an excuse NOT to do it. The hygienist said if you can only do it once at the end of the day, it's a great start. So, for now, I'm only doing it at night but refuse to go to bed without doing it. Then, since I'm there, I end up giving my teeth a better brushing.