Should you floss before or brushing?

Aymeric Jean
I always brush first with a excellent electric toothbrush following the quadrant timers. I brush twice a day but I only floss in the morning after brushing. I see my dental hygienist every six months and she always complements me on how perfect my mouth looks

Peter Gardner
The research says flossing after you brush is best! The toothbrush dislodges most of the junk, then your floss does the rest.

Gilbert Jordan
You should probably floss before brushing your teeth. When you get cleanings done at the dentist they usually floss before they clean your teeth. Brusing after flossing will also help get rid of any plaque clumps that are left from the flossing.

Ana Herrera
Floss first, then you brush. Flossing cleans between the teeth, and brushing cleans not only the teeth but also removes any remnants left over from the flossing

Zoe Lewis
I feel like flossing before brushing because all the clutter that is flushed between the teeth will go away when brushed after.

Sarah Gomez
Before brushing. Flossing for a few minutes will loosen debris and brushing immediately afterwards will remove any remaining debris.