Is it okay to use the same strand of floss for both your upper and lower teeth?

Leslie F.
I have always used the same floss for both upper and lower teeth. However, while you are flossing you will want to move the floss between your fingers so you aren’t using the same small section each time.

If you use the on-the-go floss/picks then I would use one for the top and one for the bottom.

Wilma G.
Yes I do….BUT… I use a long peice of floss, about an arms length. Then I floss between 2 teeth. When I’m finished between those first 2 teeth, I’ll move the floss to a clean, unused part. Then floss between the next 2 teeth. Always starting with a clean section of my floss.
Elizabeth U.
I am not a dental hygienist, but I think so. I usually get a long piece of floss, wrap it around two fingers and after I’ve flossed my top teeth, I sort of adjust the floss so that a section I haven’t used can be used for my bottom teeth. I hope that helps! 🙂
Corina Q.
Depends how long the strand is. My dental hygienist suggests only using a particular section of floss for 3 teeth. You can make it go further by rinding the gloss as you go.
Irma Z.
Yes as long as it’s long enough of a piece to have a clean section for the top and bottom. It wastes less in the long run because of the length used to anchor it on the fingers.