How to not damage gums while flossing?

Louisa O.
It super easy to hurt your gums when flossing, and sometimes it all depends on what you use! I stay away from flossing picks, the angle of the thread itself can easily cut into your gums between teeth. Try gently pulling the floss back and forth as you put some pressure down into the gap between teeth, kind of like wedging it in, and be patient! Control goes a long way. Most importantly, remember that your gums with build a tolerance over time in the same way guitar players grow calluses on their finger tips, once you build the habit don’t stop, or your gums will get soft again!! Best wishes on your dental adventure!
Ruby T.
Honestly ask your dentist. You might have deep gums that require deeper flossing whereas that same technique would damage the gums of someone with shallow gums.
Diego C.
Gums bleeding during flossing is abnormal. You probably have subgingival tartar. See a dentist to clean below the gum line and flossing will be more enjoyable.
Cam V.
Bleeding gums is sometimes a symptom of vitamin deficiency. Make sure you’re eating healthily, lots of dark green leafy vegetables. Try some vitamin c, and d, plus some zinc.
Sandro E.
Some people have sensitive gums. If you do then your gums will bleed but if you don’t, then you could be going a bit hard so maybe try to ease up. If that doesn’t help, you might need to go see a dentist.
Ben O.
Ensure you use the correct size inter dental brush. Perseve! Two things will happen. First, your gums will stop bleeding as they become healthier. Next, you'll get better at doing it and know in which direction and placement the brushes work best.
Lyna Z.
Heathy gum should not bleed or hurt while flossing. If your gum is bleeding or hurting while flossing, that means you need to keep it up.
Holly J.
I use the waterpik flosser, which i think works better than the floss picks. However I do also use the picks for the inside area near the wisdom teeth.
Ava F.
According to what I know and what my Periodontist told me, you have to gently slide the floss between your teeth (don’t snap it) or else it can damage your gums and sometimes, lead to gum recession. Slide the floss under your gums (making a C shape). The floss “hugs” your teeth and you do the same for the rest of your teeth. I still have issues flossing the Back teeth 🙁
Celeste Q.
Don’t snap the floss between your teeth, saw it back & forth between tight contacts. Don’t floss more than twice a day and use a light touch!
Laura E.
When I start flossing again, I use the easy glide floss because my teeth are very tight. So instead of “popping“ the floss out of the gaps each time, I pull the whole floss all the way through. It tickles but it saves me from sore gums! Then I swish with Oral B antiseptic rinse for canker sores and other mouth pain and it helps prevents sore gums. 🙂
Savy U.
You won’t damage your gums flossing, but if they hurt or are bleeding you are just not flossing enough and that will go away with more regular flossing. If it doesn’t or your gums are swollen or bleed on their own, tell your dentist. Otherwise, just use soft, sensitive floss and keep flossing every day. It won’t damage your gums, quite the opposite flossing is what keeps your gums healthy.