Do you use a long piece of floss or the small kind (pick-style)?

Arron C.
The small "pick" or "harp". I find these so much easier to get into the teeth further back than trying to cram half my fist into my mouth.

Jonas A.
My dentist recommended the tooth picks. She said the long floss is usefull if you have inly little space between your teeth, for example your front teeth. For mollars the tooth picks are better, as there is more space between them. I find the tooth picks easier to use too.

Lo C Z.
Because I have a permanent retainer on my bottom jaw, I use a long piece of floss since it’s easier to use with my dental device.

Brittany Q.
I use the pick-style. They are more convenient and I floss more when I have the picks than the string. Even though my dentist prefers the string he said if the using the picks means you’re going to floss then use them.

Rita Z.
I generally tend to use one really long piece and start from beginning and floss through to the end of it, some places multiple times.

Ema S N.
I use the floss picks. The others hurt my fingers and my gums, which kept me from flossing at all.
Just try to recycle them, as they are plastic, or find a reusable alternative.

Victor T.
I use the long piece of floss. It just works better for me. I know people who use the pick style, and I like it… I just like the long style. I feel like I could floss better with it.

Sonia J.
I use a long piece of floss, but I hear that the interdental brushes are better (but I don’t really know how to use them!)

Brandon J.
According to my dentist, a long piece is best so that you can have the best grip and so that there is more clean floss to work with in the middle.

Michelle S.
I use a long piece of floss. The pick style is not good for the environment – too much plastic. If I need to pick my teeth I’ll use a toothpick.

Lola R.
Long for sure. It’s better to use the long ones because you should shift down it when you use it so bacteria from the last tooth doesn’t get in between the next teeth.