When do you meditate and how long do you do it for?

Thea Christiansen
Morning is best, before things get busy. The ideal amount of time is 24 minutes, however getting 5 minutes in is better than nothing at all!

Wilhelmine Zeller
I meditate in the evening right before going to sleep. I make sure that everything I need to do is completed and do not check email or use electronics afterwards. This puts me in a good frame of mind for a restful sleep. My meditations are typically short: 5-20 minutes depending on how late it is and how tired I am.

Ivan Payne
I wake up each morning at 5:00, drink a glass of water, open the windows, close them again, turn on the heaters and then I meditate for 12 minutes, before heading to the gym.

Philippe Schnell
I meditate everyday in the morning or at night. I do it for 5-7 minutes depending on how my morning or night is running