How much do you floss? Why?

Ricky C.
I floss twice a day, each time I brush my teeth. It’s a good way to rudce plaque buildup, gum disease, and cavities. I had braces as a child and I know how it feels to have a non-standard smile. I don’t ever want to be picked on and feel ostracized again. I also know people see me more favorably when I have a nice smile.
Annie J.
Not as much as I should, but that’s why I’m trying to change it with this app. Flossing is very beneficial for dental hygiene and keeps my teeth from falling out. There’s also been recent studies linking poor dental hygiene to Alzheimer’s, which is not something I want to experience.
Camila N.
I floss once a day at night. I suppose you could do it in the morning but I figure my mouth is dirtiest at night. I also use mouth wash too. I floss everyday because it is strongly recommended by my dentist and probably all dentists. They told me that it doesn't matter which order you brush and floss your teeth but I brush then floss then use mouth wash.
Vicky J.
I floss every evening. One reason is because it’s good for my teeth and gums but the other and probably more important reason is that it’s a small accomplishment that I can always do no matter how my day went.
Ev Ncio P.
I floss once a day, usually at night. I always do it BEFORE I brush my teeth. I do this because it allows me to get rid of things between my teeth without running the risk of getting them more suck. It also gives me a chance to get the taste of blood out if my gums are inflamed for some reason. Everyone is different, so it’s always a good idea to ask your dentist how many times a day they recommend you floss. If it’s not something your used to doing, start a few times a week and work your towards flossing everyday.
Darren P.
I floss every night before bedtime, before or after brushing. I do it to prevent cavities and to keep up my heart health, as gum disease has been related to heart disease. I follow up with mouthwash, which also helps fight against cavities, gingivitis and bleeding gums.
Cassandre S.
I try to floss every night. It’s on my nightly routine list to do M-F. I floss often to reduce swelling/pain in my gums. I used to never floss but that caused my gums to inflame/bleed.
Andrea X.
I wasnt flossing as often as I should thanks to this app I started doing my morning and night routines and I’m now remembering to floss 2x a day
Debbie O.
I'm a dentist and I've seen the difference it can make in my patients. And I don't want cavities or periodontal disease!
Alma P.
I floss twice a day. One in the evening and once in the morning. I like to do this routine because it helps me feel good about my smile and I know it is good for my heart.
Marie P.
Once a day, at the end of the day, after all eating has been already done. I am working to increase this to twice a day.
Queila N.
Every night before bed (I skip Friday & Saturday). I floss to keep cavities from forming between my teeth, and it’s really gross what you can pull out of there. And I don’t want that stuff on my gums. It’s a recent habit. But I’m sticking with it.
Jonathan W.
I floss because I want a healthy mouth. Since I have diabetes I am more susceptible to gum disease. I want to take care my teeth!
Jim F.
Twice a day, every time I bruahy teeth; I feel it is easier to keep them clean if I floss regularly compared to just doing it once in a while, which duces the time I spend doing it. Secondly, the cleaner mouth makes me confort.