Should I floss before or after brushing my teeth?

Joseph A.
Definitely after. Brushing is the first step that gets your teeth halfway clean and then flossing gets them fully clean.
Antonio F.
I generally floss BEFORE I brush, that way I can brush away any food particles or debris I remove from between my teeth and my gum line. I also reflected on my visits to my dentist's office where my dentist flosses my teeth before cleaning and polishing.
Carmen C.
I floss before brushing to loosen any food particles and make brushing easier. My dentist will clean, floss, then brush/polish last
Darryl Z.
Really depends. When I eat corn and other foods that leave large chunks of food in your teeth, i floss it out before I brush. Otherwise I brush then floss
Jochen E.
It doesn't matter, as long as you do it. My dentist has recommended that I floss before brushing your teeth, as it removes anything between the teeth and allows the fluoride to work better. Some dentists will argue otherwise for flossing afterwards, but that is what I do.
Marvin F.
It doesn’t matter. Just floss. The healthy benefits far exceed the particularities of when you do it. Don’t get caught in legalizing your behavior and habits. Just do them because they are good for you
Fabien C.
Flossing or using a water flosser before brushing removes the bulk of the loose material so that the bristles and fluoride can better reach those areas.
Zoe R.
I always floss before I brush my teeth – I like the feeling of brushing away all the tooth junk and the fresh clean feel afterwards. I don’t like the way the floss tastes if I brush first and then floss.
Philip Y.
I rinse my mouth with lukewarmwater, then I brush my teeth keeping toothbrush perpendicular to teeth surface; finally I floss and rinse again with water or with mouthwash.
Filomeno F.
I should floss after brushing my teeth because it's like the final step in the process. Brushing gets all of the major gunk out, and flossing if just making sure you didn't miss anything.
Naomi C.
I am not sure there is a right answer, but I floss before brushing… it helps remove or loosen the bits of food stuck between my teeth that are then easily brushed away.
Manon Y.
I usually do it before, but that’s just because it takes longer than brushing. I personally don’t think it matters, but if you want a for sure answer, I would ask your dentist the next time you see them.
Jennifer T.
I usually floss after I brush my teeth because it feels gross to floss dirty teeth. Haha but when I really think about it, it seems that flossing before would be more beneficial as it removes most of the food stuck in between and then brushing after, completely cleans the rest.
Eli J.
I prefer flossing afterwards since it helps get any plaque or food that my toothbrush could not reach. However, I’m not sure if there is any scientific evidence behind that, so I would suggest you do your own research and decide based on that and your own comfort.