What do you use to floss?

Natalie Q.
Only ADAA approved dental floss. Check with your dentist to see what interproximal prophylactics are right for your oral cavity needs. Never use anything other than your dentist recommendation
Ravi F.
Standard mint plastic dental floss but I plan on changing to silk dental lace as I want to cut down on my plastic use I hate the taste of mint in floss, it’s also a more sustainable option.
Soren Z.
What I use to floss is either dental floss or floss picks. Floss picks are better for when you're in a hurry but still want to do a good job. Dental floss is for when you're able to take your time to efficiently floss.
Teresa P.
Dental floss, but of course I went with the convenience although I think there rolls floss would be better for the environment since it doesn't use much plastic. Maybe I should change.
Logan O.
I use a combination of flossing methods as not to get board. Sometimes it's the string method. Other times I use a Waterpik or interdental tool.