How often do you floss? Why is it important?

Justine N.
Every day at night, its important because thats the only way we can clean our teeth deeply and thisaction Will prevent a number of deseases
Rico N.
Flossing should be done T least twice a day and needs can vary person to person in this world of cosmetic and other dentistry. But on average twice a day helps prevent and battle gingivitis and therefore maintain a healthier state in your heart. It is one of the most important things you can do for your health.
Jacqueline I.
Daily or twice a day if I have food between my teeth after a meal. It’s so important to floss not only for oral health but to also prevent endocarditis.
Melina N.
I floss like twice a week. It’s important because it helps with our gum health and considering that I’ve been flossing more than I usually do, my gums don’t hurt as much.
Cecilia S.
I flosss once daily, at night after brushing to my best ability. When I floss and am revealed the food debris that had been to stuck to remove during brushing I reinforce the importance of flossing nightly. Flossing removes the food debris that cultivate plaque and lead to tooth decay.

P.S. You’ve got this!

Sherry O.
I've been trying to make a change for a while now in regards to my oral health, by which I mean brushing and flossing my teeth everyday after coffee in the morning and before bed. I've been mostly successful, bar a few nights where I just forgot and fell asleep without doing anything. It's something I'm still working on and I'm proud of the steps I've taken.
Athan F.
I floss at least every evening, sometimes during the day after I've eaten something that's gotten stuck in my teeth. I didn't always do this, and only just started up the habit a couple weeks ago after a dental check-up. It turned out that I was on the path to gingivitis, and if I didn't make a change, some serious damage could be done to my teeth that wouldn't be reversible. Even after only a couple weeks, my gums don't bleed anymore, and I feel a lot more in control and healthy than I did. If you don't already floss regularly, don't be frustrated if it feels awkward or time-consuming for a few days, it gets easier!
Diane C.
I floss twice a day. It's important because flossing removes any stuck food that brushing alone cannot. If food is left to decay on or in between your teeth that can create a cavity.
Jessica O.
I want to floss everyday but sometimes I just don’t remember before I go to bed. I think it’s important to floss since my teeth are getting worse. I’ve always had great teeth but I think it was genetic since I used to only brush in the evening, sometimes not even , and yet my teeth were cavity free. More recently my dentists have said that I might be getting a cavity and like I don’t really wanna deal with that so I’m trying to consistently brush my teeth twice a day and floss in the evenings
Be Ta N.
I floss every night before going to bed, but I am aspiring to make a habit of flossing in the morning, too, after breakfast. Flossing is useful because it removes particles of food that are too sturdy or too much stuck between your teeth for a toothbrush to remove. This is why, contrary to popular practice, you should floss NOT after, but before you brush your teeth.

I hope this helps. Keep up the good work! 🙂

Christian N.
With Fabulous now daily. It is important to invest in your health. And it gives you a feeling of accomplishment when you have done it. Especially now with the Fabulous App it feels great to check that of my list in the evening. It feels as if I am making daily progress towards a much higher version of myself and I am going there daily a little bit more.
Mary Kate F.
I floss once a day, at night before I go to bed. It's very important for the health of your gums because it removes any food that was stuck between them that brushing couldn't. You'll feel a difference once you start doing it regularly! Also, finish by rinsing your mouth with mouthwash; it will feel like you've just been at the dentist 😁.
Kamila N.
I didn't used to floss a lot I would actually rarely brush my teeth because I would forget or was too sleepy to be busy or like not energetic but
Warren J.
I floss basically every single day. Right after brushing my teeth at night, I floss. Sometimes, I floss in the morning but it depends on what you want to do. In my opinion, if you start little daily habits like flossing or drinking water, it can lead up to learning bigger habits. Habits like reading for 30 minutes can be these bigger habits. Soon these habits will be like second nature and something you don't have to think about doing.
Brit N.
Everyday! I had a hard time with caring for my teeth when I had young children, now I do it everyday-even if I am so sleepy I have to floss in bed! It is just step one in putting my o2 mask on first, before the rest of my family!
Vit Rio O.
Once a day. It's important because it helps prevent gingivitis. Gingivitis is linked to heart disease as well. If you hate string floss, I recommend water flossing.
Willard X.
I floss everyday. It prevents heart issues later in life, and keeps your teeth clean. The built up of plaque in your gums can travel in the blood stream, and get stuck, which will then build up and clog arteries. This cause cause heart attacks. Please brush, and floss everyday
Alicia P.
i floss once everyday, usually at night because it’s easiest to remember then. i have the beginning of a cavity in one of my teeth so i floss to
clean it out and to hopefully stop that process. but otherwise, i do it because it cleans out my teeth a lot more and improves my mouth health.
Elle N.
Once a day, at night before I go to bed. It is very important because if you do it right, you will dislodge the plaque that is building up under your gums and at the bottom of your teeth. Especially now that we can’t go to our dentist for cleanings, it has become super important.
Malthe G.
After a recent to the dentist where I was told I suffer from gingivitis and bone loss, I do my best to floss every day. The tartar that builds up between your gums makes your gums irritated and puffy and they can become infected. An increase in severity of this infection can lead to tooth decay, bone loss, and tooth loss. Wish someone had really told me about all this in my early twenties!
Adriana P.
I floss every night. I believe that it is important to floss as it removes the junk from in between the teeth, meanwhile the toothbrush cleans the surfaces of the teeth. Although the toothbrush my reach the in-between of your teeth, flossing allows you to reach deeper and really get all the junk out 😀
Gerta A.
every night! i know that flossing has several very important health benefits, so i keep it in mind to include it in my nightly ritual. i should do it in the mornings too, though… keep on keeping on!
Shari N.
Every night before I go to bed. It gets rid of the food between your teeth that cause plaque. And it makes your mouth feel so much fresher than just brushing
Alyssia Y.
Im trying to do it daily but its easy to forget or ignore with depression every day. The reminders are helping a little. Gingivitis runs in my family and I would like to keep my teeth and gums healthy as long as possible.