Is it better to floss before or after brushing the teeth?

Anita O.
I prefer before. The flossing is really what does the heavy lifting in tooth- cleaning; brushing is more like polishing, my dentist told me.

Good luck!

Edmur C.
I usually do it after brushing however, I think doing it before might also be good as you might eliminate more when brushing. I would say try both and see which one works best for you.
Micheal Z.
Flossing after brushing is better because you remove anything that may have been pushed into the gaps by brushing. However, I always rinse with mouthwash after to remove the bits that come out.
Noah C.
After brushing. If you floss before brushing, you’re just removing the gunk that your toothbrush will have removed. Flossing afterwards allows you to take out the small particles in tight spaces your brush can’t reach.
Carlene F.
I brush my teeth, than I use a toothpick (and spread the toothpaste between my teeth). And at night after that I use mouthwash to make sure everything is clean and all the dirt is out.
Jeff U.
I floss after I brush my teeth right before bed. It helps to clean my teeth first and then really go in for a deep flossing between the teeth. And it feels so refreshing to go to sleep knowing my teeth are well cared for.
Nathalie E.
I'm not sure actually. I always assumed it was before. You get rid of some particles with flossing and the rest with brushing. Right?
Loan U.
Probably after because it’s like you’re getting out anything that didn’t come out while you were brushing. If it was before it would still be about the same but I, personally would floss after.
Calvin O.
I’m told before is better so you can get all of the excess food away from your gums and then reinforce that with brushing…..but the same could be said for doing it after. I personally go with before.