Do you use regular floss or a floss pick?

Sally Silva
Floss pick right now. I feel like it doesn’t clean quite as well, but it’s also a lot easier which makes me more motivated to do it regularly.

Grace Bishop
I use a pick that has floss on it because I can more easily manipulate it between my teeth. It just seems cleaner, too.

Jessie Black
A regular but good quality floss with mint flavor. Each time I floss, I would smell the mint. It makes me feel good about flossing.

Tracey Walters
I use a special floss I found on Amazon. It’s Listerine Gentle Gum Care -Mint. It is really strong and does not fray. It also does a good job and tastes great.

Wieland Peschel
Actually i have been using regular floss although today I have thought to give it a go to the floss picks and bought a pack in amazon 🙂 let's see how it goes 👍🏽