Are there any sustainable flosses out there?

Lisa Z.
We use silk floss that comes in glass refillable container ! They have them in etsy and Amazon and the package free store!
Barbiere P.
Hi. I don’t really know but I understand that there is floss made with silk and packaged in small glass bottles. Not good if you’re vegan, but better than plastic for the planet. It would be good to have more information about sustainable options.
Frederikke P.
Silk floss is natural, compostable, and chemical free. You can get refills for your glass container. Look at “lifewithoutplastic”
Esther Q.
My guy, by a water flosser, you can get a decent one for 30 to 50 USD. Worth it, will save you a lot of money when you are old and you have perfect shining terthm
Minnie C.
Yes of course, soot used to be used, bamboo which is expensive and needs to be more affordable, to enable individuals on low budget, to be more sustainable