How many times a day do you floss?

Margherita O.
Once a day, at the evening, because during the day I am Always in a urry, bit at the evening i have time ti do my night beauty routine!
Keila Q.
Typically only once and before bed. But if I have a meal during the day that I feel might be potentially stuck in my teeth I will also floss then
Cass P.
Twice a day is what dentists recommend, I think. I do it before brushing, and I use the Fabulous app to help me remember to take care of my oral hygiene.
Jake E.
Although I know I should twice a day, I've found myself only flossing at night. I would like to get in the habit of doing the entire routine when brushing my teeth.
Jennifer U.
Once a day, in the evenings. Unless something is stuck in my teeth earlier in the day and driving me crazy—then I’ll floss twice in one day. 🤪
Hannah X.
Always at night. Occasionally in the morning. Not only will it protect your precious gums – research suggests it may help in the prevention of certain forms of dementia and heart disease. Google it. It’s true.
Jandirene F.
I have an airfloss so ‘flossing’ is really easy and nice. It makes it even fun to do. So i will use my airfloss every morning and evening, before and after I brusht my teeth. I will use the airfloss before brushing with water and after brushing my teeth i use the airfloss with listerine. It gives me a great clean feeling
Bradley E.
Once, usually right before I brush my teeth at night (or the last time of the day). Exceptions when I eat something I know tends to gets stuck in my teeth or something is bothering me. If I do twice, I try to only get out what's bothering me the first time (as opposed to fully flossing between every tooth). This is to avoid harming the gums too much as sometimes I can get carried away or be in a rush and don't want to purposely recede my own gums.