I read a recent article of recent studies that certain brands of floss are high in toxic elements. Does this make you reconsider flossing, or only with a certain brand?

Anna Y.
No it does not make me reconsider flossing every morning. This is because cleaning my teeth is very very important for me. If I just do not include flossing in my morning routine I am not cleaning my teeth every morning. And you can’t believe everything you read therefore we don’t actually know if floss is toxic.

Tammy Y.
Not for me. There are also risks in not flossing — gum disease can affect much more than my mouth. I might be careful about which floss I choose, maybe, but I think it’s important to weigh everything when I read something like that.

Kirk P.
That was not something I'd ever heard of before, but now that I know my dental floss might be trying to kill me, I'll definitely look into it. I would probably still keep flossing – I like having teeth and there are a lot of other health benefits to flossing, some of which are unexpected and impactful – but I would definitely look into brands that didn't put so many toxic chemicals in their floss.

Manass S F.
Absolutely , I think researching every personal care brand is important. And packaging is important also. Triclosan and petroleum are common chemicals that should be avoided. Buy from brands that care about our health and our environment.

Misty E.
It definitely makes me reconsider my brand. But as far is toxic floss goes it would have to be radioactive to get me to stop flossing all together.

Gaspard N.
I have been blessed with a very healthy mouth chemistry and I am not a regular flosser at the moment. I am already conflicted about the whole concept of flossing so this information makes me want to do my own research to figure out which brands of floss have high toxicity. I still would like to become a regular flosser – just a more informed one!

Glenda C.
Well it makes me question what is considered toxic and how much of it would be absorbed through flossing. Sure that makes me question.

Darryl C.
I tend to lean toward all natural ingredients for most products. I use a Phillips sonic care electric water flosser and tooth brush. That allows me to control timing and ingredients.

L On A.
My choice is using especial brands that I know are safe for my health. I look for some nylon made floss. This is not the best choice for the environment but isn’t bad for the health. The problem is not completely solved but is a beginning…

Stephanie R.
I believe that many forms of anything that includes floride is dangerous. That's why I use simple waxed coated floss with mint flavoring. I generally look for less harmful chemicals to touch my body in anyway. Mouth most importantly. I even filter my water.