What are your ways to become less stressed?

Sofie W.
I get stressed when I have too many things going on and don't know what to focus on. So my mind tries to juggle everything and inevitably fails to do so. I'm still not very good at this but I'm building up a system where I can write down everything that comes up and put it in the right pipeline. Once the system is up and running I can trust myself that I'm not forgetting anything important and that I'm working on the right thing at that time.
Michail O.
What if it goes right? Then you'll have an awesome experience and can choose what to do accordingly.

What if it goes wrong? Then you'll look at your options and choose what to do accordingly.

Decide in advance what is critical. And then plan on such a way that you can make that happen. All the rest is bonus.

I'm writing this from my hotel bed instead of my own house, because somehow my train got delayed so much we could not get home. There was no stress, I even packed an extra set of clothes for this trip in case something went wrong.

We had some other options, like renting a car and driving home or sleeping in a different city. This was the most relaxed option. I just asked my housemate to receive a package tomorrow, moved some things around on my calendar and chose to be here.

And for the rest it's practice. Acknowledge yourself for the situations that you handle calmly and when you were in a stressful situation, write down what you can do differently.

A lesson I wrote down for today is to subscribe to a texting service whenever I make long travels. That way I can act even sooner next time something happens.

Just breathe and trust yourself. You got this 😉

Hana S.
There are a number of things I do depending on the level and the circumstances surrounding the stressful situation. I could see a movie or tv show to just relax, leave the source of the stress for a while to do something else (example, read a book I enjoy in place of working out a difficult and stressful work problem. And then come back to the work after I feel more relaxed), and sometimes I just take a nap.
Samantha T.
If I donmt know my stressor, I take time to recognize it might be just my emotions and my body is looking for a reason to be stressed. Once I find a stressor, I like to take a moment to realize how important my stressor is. Put it in perspective to my life, others lives, the planet, the universe. It is helpful to realize it is important to me but also small in the grand scheme of our world and my time on it.