I’ve always brushed my teeth twice a day but it still shocked me how big a difference it made for me in oral hygiene. Did you notice any big changes?

Olga N.
I always suffered with dry mouth. When I started to brush my teeth after each meal as well and I no longer suffer from dry mouth.
Luiziane G.
I don’t notice anything day to day, but I realized because I take really good care of my dental hygiene—that I need to go to the dentist less often. I have never had any cavities and I didn’t need to get braces like most people did. I didn’t need to wear a retainer that fixed my teeth or use any special teeth cleaning devices and such. I think in highschool I cared a lot about my dental health that I got whitening mouth wash, floss, an electric toothbrush, and whitening toothpaste. Maybe that is the reason why my teeth is quite clean. I do regret that this year I can’t take advantage of my full dental coverage and get my teeth clean because there is a pandemic right now and I don’t want to go to a dental office where the person is constantly in my mouth where they come in contact with respiratory droplets.