Why do we have to floss for 2 minutes?

Jeppe W.
Here is the real answer: flossing only works if you're thorough and use good technique. It just can't be done with less time. All your dentist to demonstrate.
Maurice U.
I don't know if you have to do it for that exact amount of time. I do know most dentist organizations say to brush for at least two minutes. Although, I have found using the timer, it takes about that long to floss properly anyway.
Terrence Z.
I never timed it myself, but I think that it roughly takes two minutes to do a thorough flossing. You can always adjust the amount of time for any of the tasks.
Mathias A.
I sometimes don’t use the full two minutes but I also have uncorrected teeth so if I go too quickly I can cause them to bleed or hurt. I give myself extra time for things so then I am early.