Do you floss once or twice a day? :)

Villads C.
I only floss in the morning. My evenings are rushed with kids to bed, time with my husband and then I just want to go to sleep.
Salima O.
Once at night. Flossing in morning is useless since I havent eaten between bedtime flossing and then. Dentist told me over flossing is bad for sensitive gums (which I do have). She suggested instead these tiny brushes that fit between the base of your teeth.
Magn Lia Z.
I floss once. I used to sometimes not do it at all, so that's the habit I'm trying to build. I've never had many problems with my teeth so I think getting consistent about once a day should be enough.
Mekale N.
It takes about 48 hr for food residue to harden into plaque . Therefore flossing once a day, after your last meal is optimal.
Fjordi F.
It depends on what I eat. I Floss in the evening, and after meals/snacks that contain a lot of fiber/muscle fiber (steak, jerky, lettuce, etc) or sugar. I tend to keep to higher protein lunches and salads in the evening, so I often floss and brush after lunch and mid afternoon snack.
Stacey Y.
Only once. There are a great number of things I can do to improve my wellbeing. At a certain point you need to ask yourself- is this adding value, or taking time away from something else? For me, flossing is good once a day.
Liva Z.
Right now I am flossing once a day. My dentist told me to floss twice, but I want to cement the twice a day habit first before trying to get both in place.