How often do you floss?

Albenise I.
Almost everyday. It's important. Fights bad breath, gets rid of gross stuff between your teeth, and helps prevent problems with your teeth.
Dena S.
I want to do it once a day before I go to bed, though I have not been very good at being consistent. Typically, it ends up being about 2-3 times a week.
Walter U.
I floss every evening before bed. Apparently you don't need to floss every single day but I find it easier when it is a nightly habit that you don't have to think about.
Laly S.
I floss everyday. One because it’s clean but it’s a slightly more complicated self care task and I feel much better after doing it.
Clyde B.
Used to be never. But after 2 root canals and a dozen cavities (literally) I do it once in the morning or afternoon and when I go to bed.
Elmer E.
Almost every day. I know I should floss more, and the tape is right next to my toothbrush – but sometimes, trying to get 3 kids out the door to school, it just doesn't seem to happen even though it only takes a few seconds. My next step is finding a way to remind myself how important it is to floss, and how little time it takes – changing my current perception of flossing as somehow arduous, which it clearly isn't!
Mathilde A.
Usually once per day, in the morning. I'd like to do it at night too, it's probably better to do before bed, but am often too tired. At least in the morning I actually do it every day, which is way better than not at all.
Bianka J.
At least once a day, food gets stuck in between the every every time you eat. It's best to use the floss before the mouthwash, as it helps to wash the pieces of food wash out
Philip P.
Once a day, in the evening. I use floss harps rather than the reels of waxed string. I find the harps much easier to use.
Diana C.
I do it everyday now because i had make it AS a habit and i do it to an song and When the song is done, Im done flossing
Judith E.
I’m trying out twice a day because I think I really need it but I do think it’s recommended to floss once a day and brush at least twice right?
Elias W.
I never used to floss (or brush my teeth), not because I'm gross or don't understand the importance of hygiene, but because I'm absent minded and almost always forgot. Now, though, the reminders from Fabulous keep me on track and I always floss at least once a day, sometimes twice.
Lea Y.
I usually floss several times per week. I believe flossing will save my teeth when I’m too old save them myself. I’m trying to making a decision now that will benefit me down the road. I also have areas that are stubborn and really could benefit from daily attention, so I amounts to 3-4 times per week but it really should be daily.
Steve Z.
Not enough… aiming for 2x a day morning and evenings but I’m more chaotic sched wise lately and am getting in once a day after breakfast or lunch, or maybe I’ll even overdo it cuz I so often under do it and floss 5x in a day.