Why is it initially suggested to write in the morning? I prefer to write at night when I can reflect on the day.

Celeste D.
maybe It is suggested to write in the morning to shift your mindset and maybe set yourself up for a beautiful day after releasing possible negative thoughts , but I as well like to write at night so I can reflect on my day
Una J.
In the morning, you will get some fresh ideas as you just woke up from your dream. Morning Pages helps me guide through my day and keep me motivated
Jonathan C.
Idk cuz in the morning u act drunk cuz like u just woke up and that’s when u speak ur tru feelings bro. Also u can still remember ur dreams and I usually forget them in like 5 sec but I just tell my parents about my dreams quickly so if I wanna remember I just ask them what my dream was and they tell me. So like ya
Baby T.
I’m still writing at night but I’m using the morning to write my to do list and record my dreams I’m just doing what it saying