When do you find you get the most out of journaling?

Annisa S.
When I'm wary of myself being more emotional than I normally did and I need to get it out. Or when I deeply think about something and felt like I need to write it out.
Natasha G.
When I've emptied my resivuor of thoughts, feeling and even a joke or two. I speak to myself and I say things I prayed about and I never assume I have the answers. I just write what I feel in my heart with NO JUDGMENT at all.its just me, looking in the mirror of my soul. It hurts but it means that I can heal.
Meagan N.
At night time when I'm laying down. I write everything out, how I'm feeling, or just as it comes to me, then I go over my journals sometime during the days, sometimes I just read, and sometimes I add things, take things out, or reword certain things.