Why do you keep a journal?

Zoey P.
A journal is so important to me because it allows me to express everything I wish to express that I feel that I can’t to others sincerely it is very hard to express myself in every way.
Suffer N.
I find the act of writing things down shows me there is much more than I thought and unlocks more ideas than simply batting it around in my head. It also gives something to look back on later and reflect with the clarity of hindsight.
Suzanna F.
Keeping a journal gives me time to reflect on my day. When I’m sitting down writing about my day i get to see things in a different perspective, with the gift of hindsight. I have a bad habit of focusing on the negative parts of my day, and keeping a journal has helped me realize that there’s more to that. I feel more grateful after every day, and knowing that I can go back and look at my mental health progress is also very helpful.
Necati O.
I have terrible memory, so I like being able to read entries from the past and remember what I was doing and how I felt. It also motivates me to do more stuff so I'm not just writing that I did nothing all day each day.