How do you use your journaling time?

Andrea G.
By preparing for each day and week ahead. Also writing done ideas for the present and future. Plus thought about what I'm accomplishing during each day
Sara Y.
I’ve kept a journal since 2006 and use my journaling time to keep it updated. The journal is used to recap what happened during the day. It’s always used to destreza
Garance O.
I always make sure to write 3 things which I am grateful for. And the rest depends on the day. I usually try to be a bit creative and doodle around the edges or add some stickers. Some days I treat it like a diary, other times I treat it like a friend who listens. But there is no doubt a positive connection with the pages.
Aiden J.
I use the app Jour, plus I will use the option with this app to write what’s on my mind, whatever that happens to be at that moment. The app Jour gives 3 journaling prompt questions and I answer those questions. I also use my journaling time to answer journaling prompt questions I’ve collected from Pinterest. I was also using that time for this apps mental agility challenge.
Ellie U.
In the morning, I write everything that I can remember about my dreams. It doesn't have to be in order. I aim for longhand but sometimes go to shorthand if the thoughts come quickly. At night, I write about moments or thoughts about my day. Again, the order isn't important, it's getting the thoughts down.
Bartholom Us J.
Sometimes I lose motivation to write event though it’s one of the things I enjoy doing the most. When I journal I’ll either start small talking about my day and sometimes that grows into something deeper, how I feel about my day. This can help me write longer because as I write I am reminded of new things, thoughts I’ve had recently or ideas of future endevers or goals 🙂