How do yo keep motivated writing your journal?

Jonathan Z.
Pain and sleeplessness and anxiety overnight… I need a release. Sometimes it helps me order my next actions and focus. And it’s seeking to dump my pain find relief with my struggles, challenges, beating myself up For not doing what needs to be done to solve the issue, for avoiding the important things out of fear and compounding an Excellerrating the issues.
In Fabulous is nudging me towards more productive use of the journal to rewrite my internal tapes and rework the issues with different eyes
Melanie X.
Writing in my journal has become part of my morning ritual. I've started the yoga with Adriene 30 day journey and one thing I really wanted to do was reflect on my practice daily. I use the journey app for journalling so I can do it from any device and any location. This has really helped too! As soon as I finish my yoga practice, I journal about it. I then tend to find that I can't stop writing (or typing) so I've also started a daily gratitude entry.