Do you hide your journal? Or do you let others read it? It’s hard to hide it.

Greg Z.
I don’t really have to hide it. It’s sitting out in my room, but I’ve never had anyone pick it up and read it. At least not that I know of.
Rh P.
I live alone so no need to hide my journal. This is a good question. I never thought about it before.

If I am living with other ppl… I will not hide the journal. The contents are facts about me so if someone would like to know more about me, he/she is welcome to read. But I don’t think it would be a happy experience to read my journal. It is full of self reflection and would be boring to others.

Xraynx N.
Mine is hidden in plain sight. It's just in an old note book and I actually use two. People just assume it's another one of my art books and the people I live with respect me enough to not look through my stuff.
Alexandra N.
I don't exactly hide it but I live alone and put it away when I know people are coming over. I also use the Daylio app sometimes (when I do shorter journal comments) and then people need my special password or fingerprint to read them, so those notes feel safe.
Jasmine N.
I think a journal is better when it is personal because you’re more honest and vulnerable with yourself and that is important for change
Carolina O.
I do hide it. I write it in my email and “send it” to myself so I have it saved and safe in case I want to read later! 🙂
Kiersten F.
I don't hide it per say, but I do put it away. I count on my friends and family to respect my privacy and not read it. Historically people have always been writing journals with the expectation that they'll be read, so don't feel like you have to expose your deepest feelings or anything. You'll still get the benefit of clearing your thoughts.
Catalin N.
Try a password protected phone diary app, some ar even fingerprint protected and will keep out otheres to stick their nose in your business 😎