What’s a simple yet effective thing to write about daily?

Alexa T.
Don't over think what your gonna eat just eat something, example I am not a morning eater but as I get ready I take a banana and spread a table spoon of peanut butter across it cut it into bit size and Bam! All done

Dena Q.
Write about exactly how you’ve been feeling throughout the day. When you woke up this morning, everything you felt through the day and then before you go to bed. Say what was on your mind and anything that was bothering you.

Alexa T.
Your goals and commitment must be written. In this sense, you are able to identify the accomplishments you want within the day.

Maya Y.
A simple yet effective thing that I write about is affirmations. They help me to make my day better they make me feel better and stronger inside. They also give me the strength and the willpower to keep being sober. I love to journal and I love to write about things that inspire me in good ways and ways to help me stay sober and strong.

Aureliza Q.
A simple way to write daily as per me is . how I spent my day , what were the learning points of the day , and also what mistakes I made so that I don't repeat them again.

Eilin P.
I usually find myself writing the most about what made the day memorable or something that happened that made me happy, other than that I mostly journal to keep track of things: food, exercise, house admin tasks. I might be a bit addicted to habit tracking journals!

L Andre T.
You could write about your favorite saying or "mantra" and how it pertains to your life. Write it over and over again until you can't forget it. This will guide your mind set to attract those things in your life. And will keep you focused on those goals. Another thing you could write about is how you felt that day. Its important to continuously check in on yourself and your emotional being. Its an act of self care and self love, and you deserve that. Writing down you feelings may seem silly at first but its a great way to get introspective about your thoughts and feelings and it will eventually help you be more empathetic and able to help others more effectively in the long run.

Jennifer Z.
The thoughts that I can’t stop thinking and want a break from. I give them their time and space outside of my head. Then turn the page.

Alexa T.
Personally, my medication I take will make me throw it all up plus the water I've drank if I don't eat something in the morning. But other than that I think of what my reaction is to my loved ones not feeding myself and then realise I should love myself just as much as I love them. Which means I need to take care of myself and eat each morning.❤️

Michelle O.
You can pull a daily tarot card and write about how you think it will play out for the day, or how it fits in your life currently.

Alexa T.
A thing writing daily affirmations and things you like about yourself and repeating them so they get stuck in your head or writing a journal or anything like a diary 🙂

Maya Y.
A simple thing to write about daily is the weather and how the weather makes you feel. Do you like the weather today? Does it remind you of anything?

Haylee Z.
Something that I feel is simple yet effective to write about each day, is your morning. What did you do? How did you feel? Was there anything new that happened? Was there anything that you hadn’t noticed before? Writing about your morning or even your afternoon or evening can be a great reflective exercise and can release a lot of tension from the day.

Alexa T.
gratitude. being grateful for things can make you feel better as well as other people. forgiveness and compassion is key. mental health is soo soo important.

Rhonda Z.
write about your day, how you felt in certain situations. You can also write about things you're grateful for that day. But really, about ANYTHING, even trivial things, let things out.

Lauren N.
A review of your day so you can take the time to think over your actions. This enables you to both commend yourself for things done right, and learn from your mistakes to strategize for the next day.

Nichole N.
If you can not think of anything to write about, start with what you are grateful for. If I journal in the morning, I do what the author of The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron calls a brain dump! It’s where you write 2-3 pages of whatever is in your mind-first thing in the morning.

Alexa T.
I feel like keeping track of your overall mood for the day is an effective thing to write about. then it’s nice to look back and see if you’re improving overall

Pauline O.
It is best to write about what I want to pray to my father in heaven about. My concerns, my fears, my weaknesses, and the desires of my heart. If I add that to the things im grateful for. Then the next step is to pray about all of those things. Then listen to what comes to my mind and heart.

Mj N.
I always try to write down what I’m grateful for. I write about what I did get right instead of always focusing on what I did wrong or didn’t accomplish. I’m grateful that I get second chances and that I’m never starting over from scratch. There are always benefits to the stops and starts. Lessons I’ve learned and hope I can cultivate.

Fabiane S.
I write about my state of mind, my mental health, as I need to know how well I am before I can start to help anyone else. I'm doing fine just now but I continue to meditate with deep breathing every day and write a diary of what is going on in my life.

Alexa T.
a question that would help jumpstart the day would be something along the lines of "what will today bring?" or "how can i improve myself today?"

Expedito P.
Just writing about your daily thoughts and actions is good. When I’m not doing well, I’ll type out exactly what I’m thinking. You could do that every day if you wanted to.

Maya Y.
Write about a memorable experience you had that day and describe it in great detail, mention who was there and how it made you feel. Pull it apart, and make it surreal even. Just make sure you understand your emotions in that moment

Br Ulio C.
I find that something I like to think and write about daily are my dreams and goals in life. See, everyday is a new opportunity to be better than yesterday and earn a small victory in whatever it is that you want to develop.

Orkida V.
Writing out your emotions and how fulfilled you felt throughout the day. It should take no less than ten minutes to complete but it can be very beneficial for your mental health. In doing so, you have to remember what you did throughout the day, what emotions you felt, and how you reacted to those emotions. If you had a bad day, you can reflect on what happened that made your day bad

Francine J.
How you felt that day, and maybe the greatest accomplishment/ thing that happens that day. When you read back to that in a few months or years you will have memories that let’s you remember that your life has been fun everyday.

Francine J.
To be honest at the beginning it can be vey challenging however you have to prepare you mind to get up even if you dont want to after a couple of times you will get used to it and it would be easier hope this helps ps you could play something in the background making the experience much more better

Touched O.
Go slow with stretching out sore spots. Don’t bounce while stretching either, you could hurt yourself. Also if you have a foam roller use that at a slow pace. It helps work out the tension and knots in your muscles

Francine J.
Something that I’ve recently done is to write the things you are grateful of. It’s really neat to write it in bullet points also with some doodles!

Touched O.
I listen the meditation music from YouTube. There is plenty of different guided meditation in various languages. Or there is a great app called Law of attraction with bunch of meditations🧘🏽‍♀️ and affirmations.

Francine J.
what your goals for the future are. if you reflect more and more on them you will be more likely to achieve them. they can help spill your internal thoughts into new ideas you’ve never thought of

Francine J.
I believe a simple and effective thing to write about daily is how you feel. Your current emotions are important and good to note down so that you can understand and become better aware of what you feel.