What’s a simple yet effective thing to write about daily?

Itzcalli I.
You can write about your day, and your actions, it helps you reflect on them, and capture the details of your day. Or even write some quotes!

Kyleigh X.
All i have to say is what i did for memory purposes and what i’m feeling. it’s a good thing to do. i don’t like writing for long periods so i keep it simple and to the point i want.

Lia F.
You can do a gratitude journal. I do that I write about three things that I’m currently grateful for. They don’t have to be big they can be very simple they can even be people. It just puts you into a positive mind frame

Alexa T.
Don't over think what your gonna eat just eat something, example I am not a morning eater but as I get ready I take a banana and spread a table spoon of peanut butter across it cut it into bit size and Bam! All done

Norisete T.
start by writing something you are grateful for that day. write down a few things you were proud of or just parts of the day that were interesting or you enjoyed. if you have any worries or overwhelming feelings jot them down too. lastly plan out tomorrow or write down some things you want to get done. make sure you have no rules or restrictions for your journal entry.

Dena Q.
Write about exactly how you’ve been feeling throughout the day. When you woke up this morning, everything you felt through the day and then before you go to bed. Say what was on your mind and anything that was bothering you.

Max F.
Try to remember something you’ve been forgetting and make a mantra. I forget that I’m strong and confident and full of life and energy. Writing a mantra in the morning helps me remember for the day. “I am strong.” “I am confident”, “I am full of life” etc.

Violet Y.
I’ve found that the best thing to write about each days are your goals for that day. Become a better person starts in your mind. The energy to active it starts in your body

Alexa T.
Your goals and commitment must be written. In this sense, you are able to identify the accomplishments you want within the day.

Asta F.
Write a letter for your future self and imagine that you became the person you have always want to be, think about all the things that this person do,like his habits for example.

Maya Y.
A simple yet effective thing that I write about is affirmations. They help me to make my day better they make me feel better and stronger inside. They also give me the strength and the willpower to keep being sober. I love to journal and I love to write about things that inspire me in good ways and ways to help me stay sober and strong.

Kayla P.
Write what you’re grateful for. The sun beaming through your window? Maybe the smile your family gives you when you arrive at the breakfast table in the morning? The traffic-free road to work because you went the country route this morning?

Aureliza Q.
A simple way to write daily as per me is . how I spent my day , what were the learning points of the day , and also what mistakes I made so that I don't repeat them again.

Sara N.
I have tought about that too but I think that you can write some good and nice things about your day and tell how you feel

Lillie S.
How your day went, even if it’s not the greatest. Why? Everyday is a memory we either cherish or forget but both of them we will miss the slightest details as it always becomes a blur. This is why some people record it via film or phone to remember, but do only for the happiest moments. But I’d recommend at the end of the night, sit down and write. Your experience can help someone tomorrow, how to overcame a challenge even those ugly middle moments before your breakthrough. It will also help you as you’re expressing yourself and your feelings.

Francine J.
How you felt that day, and maybe the greatest accomplishment/ thing that happens that day. When you read back to that in a few months or years you will have memories that let’s you remember that your life has been fun everyday.

Magliane A.
You thoughts, feelings, and emotions are a great things to write about daily. A daily gratitude log is great and journal about positive things and emotions is a great way to get into a positive mindset

Janelle X.
How you are feeling and your accomplishments! Anything that you are proud of or goals your close to achieving! Things that make you happy or that you are thankful for!

Freddie C.
You can start with the morning and what you remember and just carry on throughout the day, and remember you are not writing for a audience so write down all emotions as well.

Eilin P.
I usually find myself writing the most about what made the day memorable or something that happened that made me happy, other than that I mostly journal to keep track of things: food, exercise, house admin tasks. I might be a bit addicted to habit tracking journals!

Mahi Z.
Write about your day, your whole day, every single thing you can possibly recall, whether good, exciting, loving, bad anything! It helps you realise how much productive you've been that day or how much you're growing! You may not remember what you did three days ago in the afternoon, but when you write it down at the end of each day, you put effort to recall the whole day, it improves your learning power of brain and helps you getting to know yourself better. And if possible, like me, always maintain a journal and write in it everyday, I know some days are busy af, but don't wuit writing, even a single line will do for such days but make an effort id you really really wanna live your life, and not just exist. Over the tine, you may not realise but your eng vocabulary and grammar also improves and it becomes a lot lot lot more easier to to write essays, letters, messages, mails, documents for school, uni, work or whatever. You suddenly become a pro version of yourself and that's when you feel like you're living 'the perfect life, you've always wanted'. Just think baout when years later you'll go through your old diaries, journals and randomly read a page, you will be soo happy that you wrote about it and maybe in future you'll read out your everyday experiences to your youbger generations, if you wanna, and trust me it will also help them a lot in their life, like really a lot.

L Andre T.
You could write about your favorite saying or "mantra" and how it pertains to your life. Write it over and over again until you can't forget it. This will guide your mind set to attract those things in your life. And will keep you focused on those goals. Another thing you could write about is how you felt that day. Its important to continuously check in on yourself and your emotional being. Its an act of self care and self love, and you deserve that. Writing down you feelings may seem silly at first but its a great way to get introspective about your thoughts and feelings and it will eventually help you be more empathetic and able to help others more effectively in the long run.

Gon Alo N.
A good thing I like to write about daily Is how I have spent my day and main points for the next day then the next day I read what’s I was meant to do and I start doing them and I always get them done 😊

Jennifer Z.
The thoughts that I can’t stop thinking and want a break from. I give them their time and space outside of my head. Then turn the page.

Alexandra S.
Thanks for the question! I sometimes struggle with not knowing what to write as well. What I recommend is to keep it simple. Write about your life! It’s the most beautiful thing out there. Your day, week, month, year, all of it. Hope that helps!

Alexa T.
Personally, my medication I take will make me throw it all up plus the water I've drank if I don't eat something in the morning. But other than that I think of what my reaction is to my loved ones not feeding myself and then realise I should love myself just as much as I love them. Which means I need to take care of myself and eat each morning.❤️

Liya E.
Your achievements for the day. This applies if you write your journal in the evenings or at night. Any little thing you did that makes you feel proud and pleased can go into your journal. This reinforces your strength and gives you a sense of accomplishment which increase the amount of serotonin

Arohi F.
I think that writing about my goals for the day in the morning is the most effective thing to write about because it makes your mind clear about what to do and you are no more in a confusing situation. For example my main goal for the day is to complete chapter 1st of genetics. So I am definitely going to do it. So now I am not in confusion anymore about what to do or how to to do because I have already figured out and now I have to just keep working in a way to achieve my goal and I will end up being very productive and happy through the day .

Allie N.
A simple yet effective thing to write about every day would be your feelings. You could do it when you're feeling something big, or before bed so you can reflect on the day. Writing always helps me process my emotions, because my thoughts are always so scrambled in my brain. And I can’t always voice them correctly. So when I have a pen and paper, it all just comes out fluently. I know that no one can read it (without my permission) so it is a safe place that I can always come back to. It’s also interesting to look at previous journal entries to see what was happening back then, how I felt, and see how much I’ve grown.

Khoa G.
I think the most effective thing is one small goal or productive item that you plan to achieve today. This help as even if the day goes by really quick. You still get the work and celebration for completing that one small step forward.

Tronq N.
A to do list! It can be just simple dot points done in around 10mins or so. Perfect to make the next day a productive day and create hobbies to ourselves.

Michelle O.
You can pull a daily tarot card and write about how you think it will play out for the day, or how it fits in your life currently.

Isabella Y.
The best thing(s) in that day and the worst thing(s) in that day. Try to get out all of the things that were making you angry, sad or worried and let go of them. Focus on the happy things, the feelings of joy, of love and of excitement. Let those good things set the tone for tomorrow.

Steven F.
One important thing is writing about projects that we have for the future. For example: travels, places to visit, things to do…
Something else is the things that we are grateful for. For example our family, or our friends, or an experience that we have made…

Francine J.
To be honest at the beginning it can be vey challenging however you have to prepare you mind to get up even if you dont want to after a couple of times you will get used to it and it would be easier hope this helps ps you could play something in the background making the experience much more better

Hayam N.
Thoughts. Small ones. Seemingly insignificant ones. Silly ones. Mundane ones. Just write about a collection of things you thought about that day. Or just focus on one thought and reflect on it. It helps you focus on what your thinking and can even assure that you have happier thoughts in general

Isra X.
Hi, I think the mistake simple yet effective thing to write about daily, as cliche as it sounds Ian to write about three things you aren’t grateful for every morning. I find this helps you focus on the simplicities of life and reminds you that you still have so much and not everything is hopeless. Similarly, at the end of the day, you can write about three good things that he ave he happened to today, big or small. It’ll help you filter out the bad thoughts and and remind yourself you still have much to look forward to.

Rafael Z.
You can literally write about and you want. It doesn't matter if it's about how your day was, or what your favorite color is. As long as it helps you reflect, then it's already effective

Alexa T.
A thing writing daily affirmations and things you like about yourself and repeating them so they get stuck in your head or writing a journal or anything like a diary 🙂

Maya Y.
A simple thing to write about daily is the weather and how the weather makes you feel. Do you like the weather today? Does it remind you of anything?

Othmar T.
Your emotions and feelings, in order to understand what makes you happy in life and what you should change to feel better in your lifestyle

Owen C.
I personally like writing about things that I learned throughout the day, like little pieces of information from books or tips for cooking. I also like writing about what I want to learn more about the next day

Rebecca T.
A simple but effective thing to write about daily is just how it went. Be honest and reflect on the day. Reflecting can help you pick out something you did not like in that day, and can help you change it to be better.

Margaret Y.
Definitely Your motivation. it is proven this if you speak good about yourself you begin to think better about yourself so always say something nice about yourself in your journal and talk about your struggles and make plans to overcome them I hope this helps!!

Haylee Z.
Something that I feel is simple yet effective to write about each day, is your morning. What did you do? How did you feel? Was there anything new that happened? Was there anything that you hadn’t noticed before? Writing about your morning or even your afternoon or evening can be a great reflective exercise and can release a lot of tension from the day.

Astrid G.
In my opinion writing about our current feelings is the best idea. Just relax and let yourself write everything you think of. It’s like you want to write a book. You are the protagonist and all your thoughts are to be read by someone.

Iona P.
Personally, I used that time to get off my chest any feelings I have. Whether it is a burden or a unstoppable bliss, I write them down daily for I found that not saying it was weighing me down.

Alexa T.
gratitude. being grateful for things can make you feel better as well as other people. forgiveness and compassion is key. mental health is soo soo important.

Nicklas B.
How grateful I am for everything I have. Currently there’s been a lot of issues with the Afghanistan and children and women are trying to live the country so they can live a normal life. I saw videos of things that I thought that would never be done. Therefore, I am grateful for the life I have, every little thing. I am grateful for living in a country that allows me to have an education and to chase my goals. I am grateful for the family and friends that I have, for the food on the table every single day, for the roof that I have over my head that protects me and so much more…

Rhonda Z.
write about your day, how you felt in certain situations. You can also write about things you're grateful for that day. But really, about ANYTHING, even trivial things, let things out.

Naya X.
Simply, your thoughts, whatever crosses your mind. It could be about dinner and it could be about how mentally youre feeling. Write what u want, there are no particular rules ❤️

Touched O.
Go slow with stretching out sore spots. Don’t bounce while stretching either, you could hurt yourself. Also if you have a foam roller use that at a slow pace. It helps work out the tension and knots in your muscles

Benny E.
Gratitude and whatever the things that you are concerned of or worried about + why those are important for you to concern/worry

Lauren N.
A review of your day so you can take the time to think over your actions. This enables you to both commend yourself for things done right, and learn from your mistakes to strategize for the next day.

Gana U.
How you feel, you should write about how you feel because it helps you not to overthink things and helps you with how you comfort yourself.

Nichole N.
If you can not think of anything to write about, start with what you are grateful for. If I journal in the morning, I do what the author of The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron calls a brain dump! It’s where you write 2-3 pages of whatever is in your mind-first thing in the morning.

Aly Nie E.
How life is going?
What issues I endured today?
How I handled or resolved that issue.
Did you solve or pass the problem.
What can you do to make you feel better about the situation

Francine J.
Something that I’ve recently done is to write the things you are grateful of. It’s really neat to write it in bullet points also with some doodles!

Laurora Y.
Hi!!! I don’t really know what is my favourite book, I think that the book that I enjoyed the most was School Of Good And Evil. Thank you very much for the question <3

Gulsum X.
What’s been good in the day because when you write about what has been good it allows you to know what to be thankful of and that your whole body is concentrated on the good things that happened that day you just forget the bad things it just follows away from you and the day is better already.

Katherine O.
The better person you wish to become. Realize the steps you need to take to achieve that and this may help your path become more clear

Alexa T.
I feel like keeping track of your overall mood for the day is an effective thing to write about. then it’s nice to look back and see if you’re improving overall

Pauline O.
It is best to write about what I want to pray to my father in heaven about. My concerns, my fears, my weaknesses, and the desires of my heart. If I add that to the things im grateful for. Then the next step is to pray about all of those things. Then listen to what comes to my mind and heart.

Renske N.
If you want to write about something, write about what you are grateful for.
Otherwise, just write. Write with no purpose. Write with no intention of reading, write with your ugliest handwriting. Write 3 pages full. You’ll be amazed the things that come up. Paper has no judgement. It is healing and freeing to write like this. It’s called Morning Pages. I can really recommend this!

Olivia M.
For me there are two things that I find effective to write about. One, is how I’m feeling on that moment. This helps me to acknowledge my feeling, and do little check-ins on my self. Another simple yet great thing to write about would be goals. Everyday I would recommend making three small goats for yourself when you journal or write. It can be something smaller, like making sure you drink water, or something bigger, like cleaning your room. Whatever this size of the goal, it’ll take very little time to write down, but helps to shape your day.

Chloe N.
I like to write at the end of my day and just talk about what I did that day and what I would want to remember if I looked back on it.

Mj N.
I always try to write down what I’m grateful for. I write about what I did get right instead of always focusing on what I did wrong or didn’t accomplish. I’m grateful that I get second chances and that I’m never starting over from scratch. There are always benefits to the stops and starts. Lessons I’ve learned and hope I can cultivate.

Touched O.
I listen the meditation music from YouTube. There is plenty of different guided meditation in various languages. Or there is a great app called Law of attraction with bunch of meditations🧘🏽‍♀️ and affirmations.

Sing Y.
Write a quote that you can abide by like when it rains look for the rainbow when it’s dark look for the stars this means that even though it’s a bad thing, you still look in the brighter side of things 🙂

Claire S.
I like the idea of having a post-it reminding me to ask myself “what could you do do to feel the way you want?”.

That makes me more conscious about how I feel, and instead of being reactive to whatever life throws at me, it helps me finding the actions I can take towards feeling the way I want.

H Dieter U.
Write about being grateful, about the love in your life and what goes right. About what you enjoy, about the people you love and care about. Write positive affirmations, write what ever keeps you from living life to the fullest, write what’s on your mind, what blocks you to shine.

Fabiane S.
I write about my state of mind, my mental health, as I need to know how well I am before I can start to help anyone else. I'm doing fine just now but I continue to meditate with deep breathing every day and write a diary of what is going on in my life.

Kaitlin P.
For me something simple but very effective I right about in my journal every day is being thankful to have an outlet, even if it’s just a journal, to write my feelings down. And I always write about my significant other who is helping me with my issues

From J.
Plan tomorrow's day! It helps me a lot! Or u could write your feelings or track them in an app. For pc; coffee mood and for phone; mood potatoes! Enjoy😊 and i hoped that i helped

Anna N.
That tiny thought that appeared in your mind at some point today – the deeper one amongst daily trivial worries and duties. Try to elaborate it a bit more, a few sentences are enough. Useful for your inner growth and effective against the blank page too

Alexa T.
a question that would help jumpstart the day would be something along the lines of "what will today bring?" or "how can i improve myself today?"

Olivia Z.
All of the things you did that day, no matter how big or small. You brushed your teeth? Write it down. You did the dishes? Write it down. I find that when I'm having a day where I did nothing and I feel completely useless, I can look back in my writing and be reminded of all the stuff I've done in the past. Existing every day is difficult, and simply getting out of bed is something that should be celebrated. It's okay if you didn't do anything today, you did something yesterday. Or you did something the day before. It's okay to take breaks, as long as your breaks don't hurt you. You could even list the things you did in bullet points if it's easier or you like doing it that way. Personally, I describe each thing I did and make small notes about it in my journal, but sometimes when I'm tired/sad I resort to the bullet points so I can keep myself sane 🙂

Expedito P.
Just writing about your daily thoughts and actions is good. When I’m not doing well, I’ll type out exactly what I’m thinking. You could do that every day if you wanted to.

Maya Y.
Write about a memorable experience you had that day and describe it in great detail, mention who was there and how it made you feel. Pull it apart, and make it surreal even. Just make sure you understand your emotions in that moment

Uta J.
Something I achieve everyday. It gives me a direct look at my progress and provides me with encouragement to keep on going.

Franklin Q.
A simple yet affective thing to write about is…for me why you love yourself. Just a few things a day that signify that you love yourself

Wyatt Y.
the little things that you enjoyed in your day. For example the weather or waving at a stranger. Anything that made you smile

Br Ulio C.
I find that something I like to think and write about daily are my dreams and goals in life. See, everyday is a new opportunity to be better than yesterday and earn a small victory in whatever it is that you want to develop.

Millie Z.
A simple yet effective thing to write about daily is:
How your feeling
What is new about you
What's happening in your life

Rabea E.
I think the best thing to write about everyday is how you feel and what you are grateful for today. This helps you to discover yourself and to realize that there is something good everyday.

Francine J.
what your goals for the future are. if you reflect more and more on them you will be more likely to achieve them. they can help spill your internal thoughts into new ideas you’ve never thought of

Caroline U.
Simple thing to write about daily? I think it would be . . . Basically a summary of what i did that day, what i liked…what i enjoyed… what i didn’t enjoy… stuff like that!

Daria R.
The simplies and the most important thing to write about daily is the way you are feeling , how you started the day how you think it will be and just focus on beeing happy and just FOCUS

Merna N.
how you feel. because i personally feel one of the most important quality in a person is emotional intelligence. i believe that gaining emotional intelligence is by writing and reading and really considering and thinking abt who u are what u want and how do you really feel at the moment. identifying ur emotions is crucial

Kristi T.
I find writing in the evening (preferably before laying down to sleep) in a cozy, quiet and faamilir place to be the optimal time and setting. Something simple, yet extremely effevtive, to write about is to simply reflect upon your day. Let anything that enters your mind about your day exit throuth the pen or pencil in your hand…don't try to control or manipulate the words those thoughts bring to the paper/journal in front of you…just let them flow. Simply write for yourself…no need for everything to look or sound a specific way.
Read over everything you wrote. You'll likely find yourself surprised or moved by what you've written once you truly read and take it all in.
Finally, jot something down about what you noticed. Are there things that stand out to you in a way that motivate you to change tomorrow? Things you realize you took for granted or are proud of and would like to continue to perfect? Sometimes, there may be no reaction at all. That's okay, too!
You get to know yourself better over time by doing this consistently…and it's amazing to be able to read again several years later to see how far you've come and/or how much further you'd like to go!

Francine J.
I believe a simple and effective thing to write about daily is how you feel. Your current emotions are important and good to note down so that you can understand and become better aware of what you feel.

Orkida V.
Writing out your emotions and how fulfilled you felt throughout the day. It should take no less than ten minutes to complete but it can be very beneficial for your mental health. In doing so, you have to remember what you did throughout the day, what emotions you felt, and how you reacted to those emotions. If you had a bad day, you can reflect on what happened that made your day bad

Rida A.
Write about your daily feelings after completing your habits and compare these feelings to those you were feeling when not doing the good habits. This will motivate you and help you build self-discipline.

Bea G.
A simple yet effective thing to write about daily, for me, is thinking about what I’m grateful for. There is always one thing, or more even, which can help spark more ideas to write down!