What should I write in my journal?

Gino P.
Well, I think it depends on the person. But in my digital journal, I have divided the pages into a few categories: reflections, ideas, poems & quotes. Sometimes I write about my thoughts and actions and reflect on them in the reflections section. It can be daily or weekly or even every couple of days. If I get any new ideas or something I would like to try out, about anything really, I write them in ideas section. I also really like to read, interpret, and remind myself of poems and quotes that inspire me. Sometimes I even write my own stuff. For me, none of this is planned. I do think about these at night before bed, but it’s not mandatory to journal.
Bea S.
Start with 'how' you're feeling, ignoring 'why'. Just go through your physical sensations then emotional sensations. Trying not to use judgement language.
Alex T.
When I started, I was writing about daily activities. Then I began to describe my feelings, my frustrations regarding other's actions affecting my life. Then I made comparisons between what 'good' or what 'bad' could happen in various situations. If I felt others judge me, I was writing about it and analysing if that was the case or not. When I was judging others, I was writing to check if my judgement is right. In general, I write in my journal the good and the bad from my day to day life. For anxious people, this habit is spectacular because it will highlight the amount of good' present in their lives, about they are not aware it occurs. People need to experiment with Journals for a while so they can feel the outcome. It's like a diet; the significant change will be noticeable in two or three months from the start.
Jen E.
You should write whatever you want in your journal – it’s yours! Sometimes it’s difficult to know, but the Fabulous prompts help me. I find that once I start writing something, more usually follows – as you take a step along the way, the way illuminated for you.
Brooke S.
Anything you want! I practice tarot, so before I go to bed I pull a card and write down its meaning. You can write poetry, describe your day, vent about something that happened, etc.
Jen E.
Write what comes to mind in your journal. Try not to over-think it at the beginning: your thoughts will unfold as you write. Use the quotes to start you off, it think of one thing about your fabulous journey that you have learnt or focused on recently and just go from there. It doesn’t have to be Earth-shattering, but it does have to be honest.
Jamie N.
This week I have been writing inessential negative thoughts about myself. By putting them on paper and walking away they’re silences, and the urge to silence them with alcohol is removed.
Darlene C.
I’ve been keeping a daily journal since I’ve been 10. I’m 61 now. I write how I’m feeling, my thoughts, a quick prayer, a quick note of gratitude for something, snapshots of anything that’s going on, audiobook insights: sometimes an entry is just one line, sometimes 1/2 a page, sometimes 3 pages. Just an historical record of snipets of my life and who I’ve been along the journey. I use colored pens and stickers, and add sayings and Facebook posts that are reflective of what’s happening on a given day.
Ashley U.
I write about my thoughts and feelings of the day, but I also look up journaling prompts online and have a whole other journal for writing those. I think they are cool to go back on later on. In a couple years time and see how life has changed.
Anya N.
You should write whatever you feel you need to reflect on- do you want to capture the beautiful moments of your day? Do you want to lay out your worries so you can forget about them before bedtime? Do you have creative ideas you want to brainstorm or organize? Do you want to improve your writing skills? It can be whatever you want it to be!
Dimitris Z.
I write about ny day. Things that happened and mattered. I write how I felt, what could have be done differently and what I will do if this happens agains. In the end, I write 3 positive things that happened in my day.
Shine A.
If you journal in the morning write down your thoughts soon as you awake. In the evening write down your feelings throughout the day.
Mariam R.
Feelings. Don’t be ashamed of them. Write them down. All your thoughts and emotions should be heard. And what’s better than a silent journal for that? Journal for yourself, don’t care whether someone grabbed it, read it or laughed. IT BELONGS TO YOU. IT’S YOUR MINDS HOME. You could describe a dream of yours, a journey you’re planning for or repressed feelings. After you’re done, reflect. REFLECT.
A quote I read a few years back, stuck with me;

“ aspire to inspire before you expire”

Blessed be <3