What are your favourite Fabulous morning habits?

Tamara B.
I drink water right away. and i workout for 5 to 8 min. that's not a heavy work out but more little one. and than i stretch also for 1 minute and than start my day without social media.
Constance E.
minum setelah bangun, solat subuh ga terlambat. besok harus almatsuratan sama ngaji, dan ga tidur lagi. mandi juga jam 8 dan tidur siang
Маргарита Рощупкина N.
It's difficult to say definitely. I think all of them are important. Their combination gives me energy, inner confidence and calmness. But ok, an affirmation:)
Filippa X.
Drinking water and looking forward to the breakfast helps me kick-start the day and gives me a sense of accomplishment and self care
Gladys U.
my favourite is drinking water, its so simple to get a habit.. dribking water is so simple but so helpful and a nice start to a day!
John Q.
Drinking water. I always drank water as soon as I got out of bed. 8 hrs without a glass of water is a long time. Having one there on the night stand when I wake up is even better. It’s right there for me! And it’s such a simple thing to do. Checking that box gives me a sense of real accomplishment. Imagine, just from drinking a glass of water on the
Tiffany S.
To be honest Im currently struggling to complete my routine every single day but my favourite thing is working out/doing yoga in the morning to get the blood flowing and the nervous system working!
Orlanda P.
The glass of water. I’m definitely not a morning person (at all). But with that glass of water I had a start a clear moment to get out of bed. Before anything else. I already ate a nice breakfast. And I love the fact that my morning has more habits to look forward to. But that glass of water really is the first step for me.