What do you normally write in your journals?

Martin Z.
Basically anything that comes to mind, when i open it. Usually i don ´t really think about it. I just “let it happen”. Sometimes it´s deep observation and othertimes it´s just what i had for the lunch 🙂 I never know what will i write, until i open my journal. So maybe try that? 🙂
Kurt F.
I write what activities I did or what I accomplished in bullet point for to stay on track but to also be encouraged when I feel like I’m not getting much done
Rosemary N.
I write gratitude entries and my challenges, feelings and progress. I also write goals and relect on my progress on them.
Aleu Z.
Usually I will jot down a point about how I can apply the quote to my day. Yesterday before bed, I wrote myself a prompt to check in with myself after taking time to do self-care after a long night of studying
Becky W.
I really recommend finding some journal prompts to get you started journaling or to keep on hand when you feel like you have nothing to write. There’s a great list on Medium with 70 journal prompts for self-discovery that I highly recommend as they are very detailed (some prompts can be very high level and vague and this makes it difficult to get started). One you have a prompt just start writing what comes to mind and see where it takes you. You’re not getting graded and it doesn’t matter if you go nowhere! Also, I sometimes revisit a prompt the next night because I realize I have more to say.
When you build the habit of journaling it does become easier to write without prompts but I still keep a list handy for any time that I need some inspiration.
Jasmin J.
Honestly it depends. Normally I like to reflect on how I was feeling through out the day or dive deeper into fears. I don’t like to focus so much on who is upsetting but more about the why I reacted a certain way. I write about why a certain scene from a show makes me think or feel a way or why a song made me cry. On days I have nothing to write about I’ll go back a day or two and read what I wrote and reflect. I write about dreams I have often and think about what influenced that dream. The Fabulous app quotes and coaching a give me plenty of inspiration for journal entries as well
Th Y G.
I not down any thoughts I had throughout the day, write 5 things I'm grateful for, then finish with visualizing/writing the same 10 goals
Adele J.
I normally start by answering these questions?
What did I do for someone today?
What did someone do for me today?
What am I great full for?
I then make a note of my feelings, my productivity (what could I have done better or kinder), my goals for the following day and usually finish it with an emoji type picture that sums up my overall mood
Susan Y.
I try to write the things that felt big to me but that I know I won't remember in even a few days. I end up on long tangents about how I need to love myself, or accept my situation. I write about my doubts and fears and how I feel
Theresa Z.
I always start with the date and time. I usually have a pressing thought that I need to get out of my head immediately so I start by writing it down as I think it. In other words, I don’t worry about making it sound eloquent. Then I may elaborate depending on whether I have set aside the time to really go into it. Usually by writing something down I am able to work through it or see the simplicity of the thought just by seeing it on paper. This task really simplifies my life.
Susanna O.
I’m writing about my plans, how l will achieve them. My feelings about where I am now and where l want to be. The steps I will take to get there.
Emilee C.
1. How my day has been. 2. Plans and goals for the day or week. 3. Random thoughts and ideas. 4. Maybe even philosophy sometimes. I love philosophical journaling prompts
Rafaele P.
How my day went and what happened. Sometimes the small details are the things, that defines the day. Therefore I seize them