If you do different types of journaling at a time, do you keep different journals for each or just one? Why?

Jamie T.
I keep a different journal each so that it will be easier for me to look back and reflect later on. For example, Morning Pages Journal, Gratitude Journal, Planner etc
Wade T.
I have one journal only. & I log everything into that daily as well as different times of the day. This has really helped me to stay focused, I have tried writing a journal numerous times, so far I’ve kept it up for a couple of weeks
Waltraud R.
I have one for just exercise and another for multipurpose. There is something about using a hard cover journal is something special
Margie B.
Hi there! I am insane about the journals. I have kept many types through the years. Right now I have finally gotten a bullet journal to take off after at least 4 attempts. I keep a second personal journal just for more diary entries morning, noon, or night. I also keep a “practice” journal which I use just to isolate thoughts on my beginning journey into more structured Buddhist practice. If I don’t keep multiple journals the ideas will bleed all over and the action will die. I am very ADD for real and it’s hard keeping up with them but I need the reflection in order to keep me engaged and moving forward. So at 3 journals simultaneously…then there’s the voice and video journals. Good lord …..
Ricardo R.
I keep several, but I use 2 main ones, with two 4×6 (for morning pages, to-do list).
I keep a diary daily. It has one page for each date, but unlike many, it is not for a specific year, so I add the day of the week. This can be either what I did during the day, or whatever is on my mind. The other journal is for “normal” writing. Observations that are too detailed for one page, memories, ideas fleshed out, etc.
Theo Z.
I have a "Self Care" journal, in which I record my mood, what I ate, how much I slept, exercise, etc. And I have a separate journal for free-writing and stream of consciousness. I like the mix of the structure with the Self Care prompts and the freedom to write whatever I feel like writing in the other.