Do you keep a routine that you’re not able to accomplish for the moment?

Axel N.
I want to start the day at 6.30, and start by having a great breakfast and work out. Then at 9.00 I can start studying until 17.00 After this I will be done for the day and can cook, eat and relax. This way I will have my weekend fully free, without any sense of guilt for not studying. In the weekends I can fully focus on family and friends, without distractions. This will give me energy for the week.
Clara C.
Not as of this moment. However, when I first started the app I couldn’t get myself to do a morning exercise right after waking up for 8 minutes. I found that I would do it one day, but not be able to do it the next. It was hard for me to get it done everyday. I remembered that the app told me not to give up and try to start small. Instead of quitting completely I tried to find a solution. I reduced the 8 minutes to 5 minutes. This worked! Just a three minute difference was all it took! I have never missed a day since. I am now working on increasing the time back up to 8 minutes 🙂
Bogdan F.
Meditation. I have no self discipline. I can’t avoid anxiety and not practicing mindfulness makes me feel like I’m always failing in my projects
Isaiah Z.
It depends why you can't accomplish it and for how long. I've dumped routines that I know I won't accomplish because they aren't practical. Sometimes it's better to not try to do something you know won't work because unless you are trying for the right reasons you learn very little of value from the failure other than you shouldn't have attempted it in the first place.
Hildburg U.
I keep routines there as a reminder of what is in store in the coming days. Some things are better accomplished every few days rather than every day. So.