Are you ever afraid there’s too much sadness in your journal? Or that someone might see it one day and you might have an audience to your writing?

Steven P.
I am afraid that there’s not enough sadness in my journal, mainly because I’m not able to articulate my experiences and feelings. So my biggest worry is that I’m not doing it right. I also have the same worry as you, that if somewhere else were to read it, I would be very uncomfortable . We all have worries, one way or the other. Maybe we should journal about it 😉 I think it’s normal to have some feelings of hesitancy ,it’s probably part of the process. Keep at it!
Terrence J.
Yes I am afraid my children will find my journals and I have written about how they sadden and disappoint me, I guess that’s the purpose of a journal to hold a mirror up for ourselves and to be able to re evaluate our thoughts. I love the work of Byron Katie
Leontina C.
No, not all. But I will say this. I write my journal with the expectation that someone might read it in the future after I am long gone. If they do, I hope they find something of value in there.
Tilde A.
Write about whatever you want to write about! If it helps then great!
Tbh I can’t even see my own journal entries so don’t worry about the others! 🙂
Valentina F.
Sometimes but I promised myself to be honest and not sugarcoat things. If something is even too personal and something I need to get out i’ll Talk to my therapist about it. But I think we need to be honest with ourselves in order to grow. Wallowing is another issue, if you get stuck in a sad mindset you may need to find another way to reset.