How many pages a day do you journal?

Deborah F.
Just one in the morning, sometimes two of i have a lot to say. Sometimes I journal in the evenings as well to process things that happened during the days.
Kelli P.
On average, I would say I journal about 2 pages a day. I used to write down just a recap from my day & I actually used to get bored & annoyed with it. I had never thought about looking up prompts to respond to in a journal entry before. Now that I have seen this a couple times, I’m excited I feel like I have a direction & something to actually write about that isn’t just a recap of my day.
Grace W.
4 lines. I have a “10 year diary” that I bought and I only write around a few sentences each day. Helps me to summarise and not find the task of journaling too burdensome! Obviously if I had something I wanted to write more about, I have a separate journal for that but I only write in it occasionally, only when I really want to!
Alfred Y.
I don't really journal a day since in a journey and taking up a habit, it's time for me to starting putting down my ideas and thoughts on paper
Shine A.
I journal most of the time a paragraph. Before when it was a page or two the words I was writing became negative. So now I say a whole lot in a paragraph and it’s positive.
Anna U.
I don’t worry or think about page length—I might write 1 sentence, I might write 2 pages. The goal is expression and understanding, not length.
Jordan O.
I journal 1 page each night, and if I’m feeling either excited by something or reflective during the day I’ll do another. Sometimes it’s more a dumping ground of short sentences and things I want to do and change rather than a mini narrative of my day. I might even plan tomorrow.
Kelly O.
Four to five pages because I like to reflect on my day, write down my to do list, keep track of my progress, and dialog about my goals. I never realized how much I’d enjoy journaling. I love it and look forward to it everyday.
Janka T.
Depends on what and how many things happened. But usually of it's a normal day then olny one or just a half. But if something really outstanding haplenes, it could be 2 or 3.
Tara R.
Not as much as I should. 2/3 pages usually! if im frustrated it helps to put pen to paper. I'm not the most articulate of people at times and I feel that when things are down on paper I can better understand how I'm thinking and feeling than if my thoughts are just in my head. It releases them almost. Gives them their own life.