What do you usually write in your journal?

Andy O.
How I feel today day why I feel that way how can I be more energised what's my top Project why does it matter to me me what small action can I do to Move It Forward what am I grateful for today. How can I express my needs wants and feelings more often. What have I done today to be more present in the moment. How can I when do I how do I make it easier to recategorize my emotions to create new predictions and outcomes. then include all of my fabulous journal actions for the day
Arzu J.
I try to, but often times fail to do it daily. A good alternative for me is too journal every other day which I have not failed at. So i guess you can say that I usually write in my journal.
Mina C.
Well I’m in therapy n before that I was in the hospital n I learned that my journal is my thoughts feeling the ppl I’m angry at it’s my best friend that keeps my secrets it helps to be able to let it out n release some of that hurt pain angst pitty self loathing. It’s the friend u need when u need to talk that’s what I use my journal for
Alisa E.
At first, I was trying to go in with a particularly when your idea. Of course, my brain doesn’t work like that so I figured I better way to start journalling was to start writing down my thought process like I speak. Wrong grammatical structure and all. Eventually I thought forms and unable to branch off of it. If anything, it’s just 1030 to see my thoughts on paper