When do you find it best to write in your journal?

Lo C Z.
When I’m relaxed and at peace, I try to reminisce about the day and it’s so much fun writing about what’s going on. I feel like I’m ‘gisting’ with my journal with the slangs and everything. Taking record of my day is really helping because I’m super forgetful.

Mirja C.

Personally I think the evening is good especially for week days, at that time, you get a sum up of that day and get to leave it all in preparation for the next day. It's also the best time to sort out todos as you spend time reflecting.

Usually, I do recaps on Sundays and last Sunday's of a month(or first Sunday depending how close to month end it is)

Hope it helps… Courage

Alli J.
I feel like my mind is most fresh in the morning, but I end up journaling whenever I can. It feels good to write, decompress, and vent on paper when a situation permits, so that’s my second favorite time. Morning writing helps to organize my day and plan out my thoughts.

Юлиан Рачев N.
In the morning, after i wake up, i complete my morning routine(which takes like 10 mins) and than i write in the journal

Hansiana C.
When I'm feeling down or something. I find it best to write in my journal when I want to express my emotions and progress and express what's going on in my life and how I feel about that.

Emily N.
Usually at night I shower, do yoga, etc. Basically i’ll do everything that i have to do, so once i start journaling i don’t have to leave my room again. I journal, then mediate and sleep and it clears my mind, making it easier to drift into a sleep.

Katrina P.
I think it's best to write when I have something to reflect about. If I have a lot of thoughts, it's helpful to write them down and organize them, rather than trying to dig through them all at once in my head. Once they are organized, it's easier to process and think logically.

Khadijah F.
Whenever you feel something or think of something.Then just jot down a few things and it will goes on..it will make you be more clear about what is going out and be more rational.It is likely you can visualize the big picture and not stress out about what is going on.Just make sure your journal is always available with next to your drink bottle.

Mickelle O.
I was just writing in my journal in the evening and at night time but by then I was so exhausted from my day that I was only riding a half a page and I was trying to hurry up and write that but if I write periodically through the day I noticed that I actually enjoy that and I write with more detail and I end up writing at least two pages by that evening for that day which is awesome because when I go back and I read my pages I sit and I find myself just smiling at my days and smiling that when I remember that day and how I felt and the things that I smelled and heard and seen and touched I write down my senses and it's just awesome and I also helped sharpen your memory because as you get older the years just crammed together this will help keep your years in your days separate and you remember everyday for the rest of your life as long as you journal

Joshua W.
Write about your life or what are you going through in life to became something you want in life . Write down the plan you wanna see yourself in 5 years

Dren M.
Personally, the best time to write in my journal is during those times when i feel confused, when i feel I'm floating through life without any objective. In a way, it helps me be more perceptive, and achive my goals in a more clear way.

Royal C.
Take cup of ur fav tea… Turn on aesthetic morning/evening routine video and take ur journal… Sit comfortable. And write ur feelings, plans or dreams. Why are u love yourself… Do it when u feel yourself cozy and happy… Hope I helped you:)

Cass N.
For me, it is typically in the morning. This way I have it out of the way for the rest of the day and I don’t need to worry about forgetting it! I added it to my morning routine, as to make sure that it’s on my list and that I’ll do it. This app really motivates me to complete my routines and habits. I find that adding it to my routine helps with consistency. I hope that helps!

Emeline Y.
In the morning, so I can wrote 3 things I'm grateful for, for today, and I can write how am I feeling today and what I usually want to do when I feel this way, and I can wrote my to-do-list then. Thanks for your amazing question.