What is the best journal to use? And should I get into bullet journaling?

Divya F.
There are various applications nowadays which help us keep the record and make lists and type of each and evry thing
You can simply use the right kind of application
If you want to write in detail you can use apps like -Day One which lets you write everything onto it
Or if you like to express only the few points of what's going onto your life you can simply use apps like todoist or tasks or any app which lets you keep records in the form of points.. the choice is yours!
Ravena P.
I buy one that makes me feel happy just by looking at. Then I draw some “to do” symbols (✨ for meditation, ♥️ for self-love, ☀️ for gratitude in the morning and 🌙 for gratitude before sleeping). If it’s a journal I find beautiful, I have more fun writing on it.
Jeannette E.
There is no right or wrong journal to use. Whatever brings you joy and makes you want to journal is the best journal for you. If you like to draw or doodle and write, maybe a blank journal, if just writing, maybe a lined one. I used to pay a lot for fancy journals now I just use dollar composition books or notebooks and paint them pretty with acrylic paint myself! It’s very rewarding! Allows me to bring art into my journaling process. Also there are many journaling programs and types out there, like bullet journaling. Choose what excites you the most and makes it fun to do! I’m currently in a program called Today I Did It Right- deep daily reflective journaling and growing so much from it. Try different things and see what sets YOUR soul in fire! Do that!