How do you approach journaling?

Ana B.
The way I approach journaling; I say what’s on my mind, how I feel, I reflect on what I’ve already said and I think deeper into it. I re read it and think of why I feel like that, and I try to come up with ways to fix my thinking and how I feel. Noting everything down of how you feel makes it easier to let out what you can’t physically speak. It also helps get to know you and your mind better. It’s your time to be you judgment free. I just let it all out in my own ways of thinking. It’s kind of unique what your mind can do when you know no one’s going to judge you for how your feeling it’s just you, and a blank page.
Joshii N.
Just be yourself and write about your inner self or how you feeling at the moment and how you can make your life better and ways too improve yourself
Ronald R.
First of all, I want to apologize. English is not my native language. So I apologize for any mistakes. I really like to write. And, having a journal really changed my life! Almost every day, I sit in my chair, and I start writing down everything I feel. I imagine myself talking to a person. Which makes everything easier. And if I ever get the courage to talk to someone, I just read the diary to them. It's much easier to write down what you feel, and then just read what you've written to the person. Instead of making up everything in your head, and when it comes the time to speak, it seems like you can't find the right words. And, everyone has the right to have their own secrets. And in case you didn't know, reading someone else's diary is literally an invasion of privacy. On the first page of my diary I put a warning in case anyone finds the diary. Telling the person not to read, and why they shouldn't. I hide the diary under a drawer, where it's easily accessible, it's practically impossible to see it.
Joless N.
for me it’s easy, i just write down what’s in my mind, even if they will be different thoughts with any connection with each other.
journaling is a tool that i have to spend some time with myself and focus on things that i am happy or grateful for but also analyse things that are worrying me – i just write when i feel to do it
Annabel C.
I start off by answering a given question or one that I thought of myself and continue to write until I feel the question is answered and my thought have slowed
Mardi T.
Generally I try to follow the Fabulous quotes, phrases and questions and apply it to my most recent experience and use two positive points or statements and add how I can/ have/or will improve my future experiences . It can sometimes be hard or even a little mind wrecking but I do my best and share. I also look at what others have posted and it helps me see that my responses run similar to others. Journaling also gets better the more I do it. I hope some Fabulos people can use this to help them along.
Peer E.
I think it is fun and lets me think about the things that are happening in my life and in my head.
I also think it helps me clear my head and reflect on my emotions
Nour X.
I feel like journaling is helping me to be grateful at the end of the day for the small beautiful details I usually forget that haplens everyday and also it helps me to explain myself more an become better
Linda U.
I like journaling it gives me a time to think . I think it’s great that this app has a quote to think about.It’s like I can be proud of myself with something I achieved today and think about it or something bad happened but I can take a min to think
Tomekia Z.
How is everyone doing this morning? The question is how do I approach journaling?
I am very grateful to know that journaling helps us with a lot of important situations in our lives we probably wouldn’t associate with writing but it is! What I have found out is when you pick a specific time to do your journaling preferably in the mornings. This works out well for me because I’m not working, I’m an stay at home entrepreneur, self-employed and if you’re working either get up earlier or right after you get dressed go right to journaling. You never want to be rushing to do it so just pick the right time lol. I make sure to have my tea and affirmation music or self motivation music on and get right to it. I journal 5 different things I want to see and improve in my life and also an paper with specific affirmations I wish to manifest in my life and enjoy doing it the same time everyday! Journaling is something that can change your life and have you feeling good and in high spirits while doing it. I hope this answers the question, think of journaling as your new best friend. It helps me stay connected with my higher power, innermost self and good hand writing practice. I love reading and writing it could help you better in reading as well 💚
Mayonaka W.
I can’t answer I just wanted to vent sometimes privately without telling anyone what I’m feeling or showing anyone how I feel .
Anja W.
I approach journaling with curiosity. I come curios to how much I can write and what it will be about. Then I try to think about my day. What happened, what will happen, etc. then I just write the first thing that comes to mind
Ashley N.
I keep a daily electronic journal and I find that is most accessible for me and has helped me to create a habit out of it. Pen and paper journal is not for everyone and I know this as a therapist. I keep a pen and paper journal but I write in it much less often.
Rem Zio N.
I find that trying to write in a way that would please someone else to look at never helps. I always write in a way that is true- I wrote what I’m thinking even if it doesn’t fit the quote of the day or is messy.
Micha S.
I approach journaling with a ‘brain dump’ type of mindset. I write whatever comes to mind, as if I’m talking to a friend. Usually it leads to me branching off onto other pages, and making lists, etc