What do you journal if you feel overwhelmed

Jakub X.
Trying to get those thoughts and emotions write down. So i can realise I can see them on myself so i can work with them.

Ethan P.
Of course I write things which I am feeling good about which makes me overwhelmed. Positive things can not only ease up your mood but also work on your day flow.
Your thoughts are yours. Your thoughts are you. Your thoughts define you. So whatever maybe, overwhelmed or demotivated write it down. Let your conscious mind know what your subconscious mind thinks.

Widy Q.
Whatever that come up it my mind. Free flow. Then, noting down what have I learned from that experiences, what I will do as a follow up, whom I should talk with about the issues.

Victoria E.
That I'm feeling overwhelmed. I think it helps to connect with and process the feeling rather than trying to get out of it.

Emma X.
If I’m emotionally overwhelmed, usually I find when I write it down it seems so silly; in my head it’s huge and then on paper it seems overcome-able. If I’m overwhelmed with work, I add everything to my google calendar and seeing the sequence of smaller tasks makes it feel doable.