Do you keep a paper journal or a digital journal?

Teresa U.
Both! When I'm in a rush or I need to take a quick note it's a digital journal. But if I need to reflect and open up I use pen and paper
Jessie O.
Paper! I love to type, but I usually write at night when I shouldn't be on my laptop anyways. I also find electronic devices distracting when it comes to journaling my thoughts.
Ana Lle G.
Paper. It helps me to write more freely, even if I make mistakes or mis-speak. I think this is a more valuable way to reflect.
Laurine P.
Paper journal. It makes it more intimate and it’s proven that handwriting is more connected with the unconscious so it may help to get some hidden thoughts out
Andreas Z.
I kept a digital one for a couple of weeks but found it was another thing that kept me spending more time on my phone so I swopped to a paper one which I find much more relaxing and mindful.
Carolyn W.
Paper Team! idk, I just love the experience of actually writing things down and the textures and things like that. Also, I don't depend of Internet or electricity to look on my diary.