How do you write a daily journal?

Elmer J.
I have both an app and a physical notebook that I journal in. I just write whatever's on my mind or things that have been bothering me or need to vent about really. Anything that helps with my thinking and focus and emotions really.
Oscar U.
I have a notepad and when i have completed the day i write it. Or sometimes i keep the thought and then write it together in the morning
Marius C.
I have a simple exercise book and I write what I want to write – no more than five or six lines – you are asked about how you want to live your life and I answer that question 😊
Baguandas Q.
You really have to sit down and take time to observe your thoughts so you can better understand yourself. You have to be motivated to be better and do better daily, and it starts with journaling your current state and then tracking your progress. From there you’ll be able to see how close you are to your goals.
Ida C.
Some days I journal better than other days. I think the motive is just to write something; anything that gets you writing.
Gene U.
Start by trying to have a clear idea in your mind what you want to say to yourself are usually sit down and let the ideas come to my mind and when I have a clear idea of what I wish to express I write it down sometimes I just write down anything that comes to my mind that also helps in the beginning until you’re starting to get a flow
Karla Z.
It’s hard when you have a child and husband and work to find 10 mins to write in my journal. I try to write in my journal as soon as I wake up or right before I go to sleep. I keep my journal on my nightstand or in my office so it’s easy access
Randy J.
I used to write whatever I was feeling and usually find myself rambling on. Although this was helpful, sometimes I think it allowed me to dwell a bit too much. Now I try to focus on writing about my day and ending things on a positive note, or seeing the positive side of things. I find this encouraging.
Genesis J.
Personally I like to do mine by hand. It’s helpful for me to check in with myself – write about how I’ve been feeling and reflect on how everything is going. Quite often that turns up something that’s been bothering me or a change I need to make. Ultimately, I think it’s about what you need, though. Maybe try a few different approaches and see what works best.
Melanie E.
At the end of the day in bed I just write what I did and I also write my feelings about what I did. But I don’t stop until I’m done expressing my thoughts.
Timmothy Y.
I typically write for me coming back in the future. Trying to relive the days I've just experienced. Just start writing, long or short, it doesn't matter.
Nanna Z.
I try to focus on making my journal very solution oriented. I try not to go into details about things that I can’t really change, or things that bring me down. I still write about them, but they get a lot less of my breath and attention. Instead, I try to put a lot more thought and intention on the positive aspects of what I am writing and how I can extract skills, goals, visions, or some sort of grant from what I have written. I put a lot of focus and attention on the final section of what I write. It is very action oriented, or at least something that I can remember or reflect on inside my own head throughout the day. I can’t tell you if this is 100% effective yet, because I am still pretty early on the test practice. But, I can tell you, that having something like that to reflect time, has given me something that feels more like a third self-conscious. Not good. Not bad. But something that I am vented on my own. Something that I wrote down in my journal that I want to be more like. So when I’m about to make a mistake and do something outside of that, that is the voice that speaks.
Noah U.
Write 3 things you’re grateful for.
Write 3 important tasks to complete today.
Write 3 things that went well today.
Write 3 things to improve.
Clarence P.
So you need to first set a reminder on your phone so you don’t forget then you need to get a notebook or a paper and write down what your thinking about
Landon O.
When I wanted to build the habit I started with the one – five rule. I needed to write at least one sentence and a max of five.

When I had build the habit I started to write more than five sentences, five sentences where to less for me sometimes, but I still wrote at least one sentence per evening.

I write before I go to bed.

Elias S.
Write whatever you want. I like to put the date and time that I start writing. I put my daily doings and other stuff I think is relevant or I need to vent when I’m mad.
Aleksej F.
Set an alarm to do so every single day. What helps me is that I write down my plans for the day as bullet points or I reflect during the day and put it on a Post-It note. Then at the end of the day, I collate all and write down the relevant parts in my journal
Troy E.
Well, i have been journaling for about 7-8years on and off. And how I found it to work was by writing down my dreams and aspirations. Things I really wanted to accomplish and achieve. I also made a habit of writing down the mundane, especially if i hadn’t written in a while. It takes practice but it should be a working document where you write your life down for the future generations to possibly see.
Sofia B.
You start by decorating it and make it feel like your creation. Then daily you write the date ,and like if it is day2 ,and the time. After that you write how you feel and your secerets and other thing you dont want people to see
Arnold U.
I would follow suggestion from the app to work on a belief that doesn’t serve me anymore, or I would write down any unpleasant feelings that I feel. I should write more about the positive things too, so I remember what I have and what I have achieved.
Lilian S.
I set aside 5 minutes, and just let myself write. It’s not letter style, it’s not email style, it’s not addressed to anyone, but I force myself to write for 5 minutes. If it’s a struggle to hit 5, I do everything I can to try and get to 5. If after 5 minutes I get there and I still have a lot to say, I keep writing until I find I have nothing left to say. I’ve written for an hour and 20 mins before.
Sheryl Y.
I hate journaling. So I started with that as my first sentence in my journal and just put down why and what happened today in my life. It’s not something that will be turned into a book it 6 months from now go back and look at the journey you have been on
Mathias A.
I write my journal with positive affirmations as my a header. It helps my think about what I'm going to write! Great journaling practice for me
Elia T.
I personally hate writing long paragraphs because I’m lazy and it’s time consuming to both write read but I’ve been journaling daily without fail since the beginning of this year. My trick is that I just give a one line answer to the 5 following questions (sometimes less) everyday:

– What happened today? (Daily journal)
– What am I grateful for today? (Gratitude journal)
– What is my most important task today? (Productivity journal)
– How did I sleep last night? (Sleep journal)
– How do I feel today? (Mood journal)

This technique is called “One-Line Journal”. Google it up! You might like it 🙂

Roland E.
Schedule on your paper or electronic calendar (with reminders) a few minutes upon waking up and a few minutes prior to going to sleep time to write in a journal all your thoughts, wants, dreams, affirmations, and then write your wants/dreams in the present tense. Write them with feelings of love, joy, and thankfulness… As you write, smile too!
Wayne R.
I bought a journaling notebook called the focus journal. They have 6 questions for me to answer everyday. From what you thankful for to what happened during the past day and what you feeling now. I just answer them everyday in the notebook.
William B.
It's a freestyle. I write what happend right from the moment I got up till going in my bed.i write every feelings and thoughts that I come across throughout the day that arise & feel lighter. Good night 😊
Nanna P.
I write down all the thoughts I had, sometimes I even write down some parts in my phone. All thoughts. Happy, sad, good and bad thoughts. Everything.
Salemo F.
In my daily journal, I like to write down my thoughts or ideas that come to me. It's a way for me to express myself without needing to communicate with somebody else.
Nikolaj B.
I just chose a time in my day where I’m taking a break usually in the middle of the day and I just sum up my day as much as possible I want to journal so I remember my life as I have memory issues so it’s a challenge
Connor P.
Since I will only be the one reading my journal, I write it freeform. Depending on how much I learned, I woupd write shorter or longer reflections.
Coline T.
I like to cover a few things:
1. What I’m excited for
2. Whats my focus for today
3. Workout for the day
4. Three priorities for today
5. Other tasks
6. Quick schedule for today.
Carter O.
I the morning set the Fabulous timer
And write todo
And then write the journal
First time I felt it’s not easy but day by day
It guides my day life
Fabulous group
Alma Z.
After my taro card readings, I write in my journal about my intuitive ideas. I also do dream journals.
Combined with meditation, all three give me insight and inspiration.
Gustav F.
It is up to you. It is your journal, you could focus on your feelings, or your achievements… Or just write about your favourite meal that day…. I use mine to make a note of the things I should like to be reminded of in the future. Just start writing, it's only for you so write however you like. Think of it as a series of very personal letters that you are writing to your future self.
Frida Z.
I can only say from personal experience I’ve always wanted to write. If you’re not a person who writes very often, you would start very difficult. Try this, if you have Fabulous and you still have a difficult start, you should start small. You don’t need a fancy journal to do this, just a notebook would help.

1. Write the date on top or between the margins.

2. Some people do this (write whatever comes to mind or brainstorm your thoughts in a mind map.) I personally, started out with long entries but now I add lists, diagrams, write songs, etc…

Make this your journal. You can do whatever you want with it.

3. Make sure you set aside time for journaling. I find this really helpful for me since I have a busy schedule. I usually write for 30 min. 10-15 min actually can help you get started. Later on add onto the timeframe. You might want to write for 25 minutes if you want accurate results.

I can talk about this all day. For now these are my three tips

Katerina Y.
Once dinner and the kitchen done for the night I have my shower and while I’m showering all the thoughts of the day come in. I then sit and write my journal. That’s become my routine thanks to this app.
Karl Hermann Y.
I write about how I'm feeling and the events surrounding my life. I also send questions to future me to help with reflection. It's useful because I can load any negative emotions into the diary.
Justine E.
I wrote it here in app. Thought was thinking to write in a real journal))) Nevertheless what counts is you put your thoughts written down. I wrote what I did, why I did that, what I ate because it helps me see my patterns. I encouraged myself to keep on on this practice and keep on on doing things I want and plan. It’s easy. But consistency counts.
Jeremiah Z.
I write it usually with my feelings that was quite common that day so that when I read them later I can feel the same feelings that I had
Herminia Q.
From a given prompt, I freely write without editing or judging the quality of what comes out. Even one or two sentences is better than nothing if it reinforces the habit of writing daily.
Sandro E.
I follow the bullet journal method to write in my journal. I find it a very good method of keeping myself organized. In the journal I also have a general weekly time table that I follow. I reflect at my schedule at the end of the day and plan for next day. During reflection I try to write down what stopped me from being successful for that hour and think not more than 5 secs about that distraction and how to it could have been avoided or if it was worth it.

Next day, I start my morning with drinking hot water and going through today’s plan.

Margaux P.
For me, sometime I write about what happened to me yesterday. How do I feel. How I solve it during meditation. Or I write about what motivates me. What is the that I appreciate. I just focusing on get over negative thoughts and motivate myself. Don't be so serious with anything but have discipline in everything. Hope this help
Ellen U.
I write about 5 to 10mins , what I did that day, something I did, something I notice with my child. The time spent that day. But not in great details.
Laura U.
I made my journal an exercise-based, so I use it to talk about how I felt during and after the exercise.
I write it as a letter to myself, and when I fail to commit to a promise to myself this is the place where I don’t make an excuse. I always say that I’ll do better and I try to keep this way.
Sara W.
I contemplate during my writings. My main goal is to take all those thoughts cycloning around my head, and put them on paper. Similar to a stream of consciousness. I also like to write small goals, so in the next morning I can hold myself accountable.
Almuth E.
I use the app Day One which allows you to create multiple journals. I try to write at the end of every day about the key things I enjoyed and am grateful for about that day.
Dolores F.
I write about my day and any thoughts that have been plaguing me throughout the day. I just write until I feel done. Some days I write more than others and it helps me plan out things I might want to improve on or work towards
George Q.
It depends. I either really ruminate to understand the feelings that I have, and I express that on paper. Or I actively try and write about the healthy outlook that I want to have.
Lenny P.
Free write for at least 10 minutes. No editing or “thinking” just write what comes to mind. Concerns, fears, excitements, anything. Then consider gratefulness – several things from the previous 24 hours that I am grateful for. Paint the picture of gratefulness and why. Then key in on a question for the day.
Rubi S.
I first started thinking about my day, the good things that happened, the bad ones, and most time i reflect about Myself. Hiw i can be a better person, better friend, wife and mother.
Daryl C.
Use a notebook, use a comprehension notebook. Need pens of different colors. Get a book with a attached book mark. Plan your goals. Be Specific, Be measurable, be attainable, be revelant, time bound. Write about your feelings. Write about your own victories.
Problems, come up with solutions. You can write about anything that comes to your mind. Problem solving with future solutions. Weigh out your options etc. Safena/star
Eugen W.
Just get stuck in, write whatever comes to mind. Over time you will come to find your own purposes for using a journal. Your writing style may change to suit what you are finding to be most useful about keeping a journal.
I personally write about things that happened each day that were either important, significant or simply positive. Things I'd like to remember.
The exercise of writing is sometimes simply more important or helpful than what you do actually write about.
Leonard O.
It depends on the day. On a busy day, I wrote two or three sentences, trying the recap the most important lesson I learned. Today I have more time, so I wrote a long journal, reframing a limiting belief I experienced this afternoon.
Audrey Z.
I sit on my couch at the end of my day. I reflect on what happened during the day, the week or even the month. Then I allow myself to relax and just let go. I put pen to paper and scribble out all of my thoughts. The journal in incoherent at times because I jump between two, three or four thoughts at once. Once done I close my journal and take a breath. I let go what ever was bugging me for the night. If i want to revisit any of those thoughts it has to wait till morning.
Todd Y.
Sometimes I write like I’m writing a letter, a report, a story. Everything is different. Sometimes I write with headings because it’s a point that’s important and is easy to notice when/if I look back. Occasionally ill used numbers for lists. My writing style changes depending on my mood, my pen/pencil, my physical well-being. Everything really depends on the day with me.
I’ve started writing at the kitchen table with some music in the background and a book so I can take time and read, mull some thoughts out before I write them. It’s like wanting to put the proper energy out there, even in my writing.
Just being more mindful.
Adelmiro S.
I firmly believe that you need to do your journal the way that works best for you. In the past I’ve had dedicated journals or notebooks. I would go to the bookstore and buy one that appealed to me aesthetically. I’ve used MicroSoft Word but that wasn’t as effective for me. I currently use Google Slides. For me, this option works well because I’m in my Google Drive daily. I used a background and fonts and colors that are visually appealing to me. I create a new slide for each day. Every day my entries are different. I write about the things that are on my mind, significant events, and list my gratitudes – I write 5 every day. If needed, I use a few minutes to vent about things then follow it up with a “release” statement or turn it around to a positive. At times I write down my goals and the dreams I have – even steps to make them happen. When I’m feeling creative I write poetry or story ideas. I live a lot in my head so the actual journaling – writing all those thoughts down- is a challenge for me. Setting a reminder to write the same time every evening is incredibly helpful. Setting a reasonable minimum like 10 minutes also makes it less daunting. I sometimes write throughout the day, as well.
Hiltraud U.
I usually just write in my journal about any worries or repeating thoughts throughout the day that cause me to feel anxious and under that, write a rebuttal that has a more neutral or positive perspective. at the end of the day, i also write about something i am grateful for
Arnold C.
My advice is to start with an app I’m using called Daylio and it’s really easy to make an entry just select an emotion then activities u did and write a note if u want and u can change and add activities and emotions and see a graph of your emotions, if u turn on notifs then u can make a streak of entries daily
Gauthier N.
I dont write it every day. But i have my journal with me all the time. When the right thought comes, i put it on paper.
Gunda Y.
I ask myself, why are you journaling? What are the benefits of doing it. Be consistent with your journaling it is a big part of you life and if it’s not make it one!!!
Kay Z.
Each day I write only a couple large sticky notes so it is easier to keep it a habit, then one day I will staple all of them together to create a book of my thoughts. That way it will be more simple to do it in a rush since I started doing that I’ve done it pretty much each day, I recommend this for you! 😁
Irmhild X.
I ended up with 2. I have a digital journal that I fill in each day because it's always with me. And a paper journal that I'm writing for my daughter. I fill it in a few times each week.
Valeria T.
I use my own "special" planner or notebook to write down my thoughts everyday. I call it special because I will not use it for any purpose other than that only, and I make sure that before I buy I would still be excited to write on the notebook based on its appeal to me (covers, type, open for customization or any fancy add ons etc) or else I would be bored and lose interest.
Bonnie B.
well, i actually always have a lot of thoughts and feelings. So instead of having them around my brain i started to just write it down.
Bit by bit i started to write everything down. As if i have a friend that i talk to daily. It is really helping me to process life and answer my own inner questions. You should try it 🙂
Amandine E.
I write the journal in the evening after dinner when am about to retire for the day. I focus what i felt when i did something, how did it make me feel, why should i do it, how is it adding to my limited conception of myself..
Dierk S.
I downloaded DayOne from the app store, named it,"What happened today?", and I added a 'Write in my journal" task to my nightly routine in Fabulous.
Good news: It's working for me!
Sarah S.
I find a quiet space and set aside just a few minutes. I reflect on my day and what I am thinking this very minute. I capture my thoughts I a few simple words or short phrases or sentences. I re-read what I have written. Then I quietly close my journal until the next day
S Kr O.
I bought a five year journal which has space for each day of the year planned out for you. I just write how I felt each day, what went on, and it’s really easy and quick.
Andrea E.
There is typically at least one moment in everyday that causes me to go, “huh”. 🤔

Maybe it's a thought that has never occurred to me, an insight about my character, or just something that humored me.

I typically will make a note of it, whether mental or physically on my small notebook I keep in my back pocket, then in the evening I’ll revisit that moment.

I then just start by writing that moment down. What follows is usually a spiraling mind-web of associated feelings and reactions to my newly discovered perceptions. I appreciate writing about moments from my day in this fashion because it typically allows me to turn my initial emotional responses into self-awareness exercises.

Also, if I have not had a notated moment, I’ve found that beginning my journaling with that acknowledgement often leads into its own journey of self-discovering.

Main take away, just literally start writing and allow your stream of consciousness to do the work. 😊

Cecilie X.
I’m just learning to personally. Every day I have a reminder on the Journo app. I don’t write in fabulous. I keep an app entirely for journaling. It probes me with a few basic questions.

Because I’m now used to a few basic concepts of journaling over the last few weeks. I’ve started to open journo and start journaling whenever I experience a tough day or moment.

My next task is to start journaling when I have a good day or moment too.

Indiara P.
I got a journalling app, called journey. Even the free version works nicely for this. At the end of each day I have 5 minutes and just type in what's on my mind. Can be anything, it helps your mind work itself out when you write/type about your issues. Or reminisce about the great fabulous day you had. Make it a habit and feel good about doing it even if everything you have to say in your journal bites today. You still did this habit. You still accomplished something better toward you.
Diana G.
Sometimes I miss days here and there, I’m busy, I forget, or I don’t feel like journaling. I find it easy so pretend I’m having a conversation with future or past or present me. I write about my day or night, good or bad things that have happened, my emotions, anything that comes to mind. I have no rules for my journal, what it must and must not be. It’s hear to help me collect my thoughts, reflect, express feelings and emotions. It’s my happy space.
Paige U.
I have "A happy diary", and I fill in already the lines there, answer the questions. I do it twice a day: in the morning and evening. I write there some lines of gratitude, my plans for what will make me happy today – in the morning, and if I could change something in my day, what would I change, what I'm proud of today and what made me smile, from evening and back to dawn – in the evening. Also I have there some lists of books, movies, habits, moodboard, affirmations etc. I'd like to start a original journal, but for a while I haven't time for that (but I keep expecting that once…).
Jessie P.
My daily journal is a morning letter to Jesus each day. After reading Scripture, I pen a Dear Jesus letter about what’s on my mind. It is not long. But I have done it for 1129 days in a row usually as a part of my morning routine. Recently, I have started a journaling brain dump as an evening routine.
Allie J.
Starting small is the best way, just sit down and write what comes to mind in that moment. If that seems daunting, try finding journal prompts online to help you get started. It's also a great idea to make it part of your daily and/or nightly routine. It will become something you don't have to choose to do, you'll just do it.
Petra O.
I just write whatever comes to mind, or what I have done the day before. I also enjoy making lists of places I want to visit, exercises I would like to try, or even something as simple as a grocery list
Tristan X.
I have mine in sections…

Dreams (where I write down last night’s dreams), daily affirmation, some space for reflections or thoughts throughout the day, and then a gratitude section which I fill in before bed. 🙂

Mariano Y.
I write my journal on paper since it is easier to go back and reflect. When I write to it I act as if I am speaking to an audience so that I can understand what I’m saying and do it sounds more like me. I state the main thing that happened that day then I start from the beginning.
Jacob W.
You just write. Write whatever. It doesn’t matter and don’t judge yourself as you write. Your not trying to write Hemingway, your just getting your thoughts out – as they are 🙂
Lori Q.
Keep a digital document for each whole month. It generates a table of content automatically for you, gives you an unlimited number of printable copies and are editable on the phone, if you can figure that correctly.
Betino N.
I like to set aside some time during the day to write whatever is on my mind. I used to write in the evening and recall that day's events. These days, I find that I'm too tired in the evening, so I journal during my lunchtime. Sometimes I write about the previous day, whatever has happened during the present day up to the time of writing, or whatever I feel like getting off my chest. If I want to write but I'm stuck on inspiration, I use writing prompts that I've saved for reference via the Internet. A quick Google/Pinterest search provides plenty of ideas. Either way, having a specific time set aside keeps me on track.
Florence U.
I start from when did i wake up yesterday and then write whatever necessary and whatever i remember till the time i slept yesterday.